Friday, June 7, 2013


Here are a few blooms from this week.

Potato Blossoms:

This Gerber Daisy and the one below survived the winter.  If they are kept in a sheltered place they seem to come back.

This is an old fashioned Yarrow that was already growing in the yard when we moved here.  I moved it to another spot and this is how it looks the first year after being moved.  I love flowers that are this sturdy.

Stella DeOro Day Lilly:

The chair planter:

Pink Impatiens:

Ditch Day Lily

Another Gerber Daisy:

The Thanksgiving/Christmas Cacti are blooming again.  These have all been moved to the front porch for the summer.   


Today is rainy!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Very pretty blooms! Good to know about the Gerber Daisy. I was thinking of buy some this year - they're such colorful flowers. I have some yellow yarrow and it comes back every year. Love plants that do that!

Little Penpen said...

You and your green thumb! Your flowers are so pretty. I need to take a few pic's. I finally have some blooming blackeyed susans.... my first ever, after many many tries!

ancient one said...

Didn't know the name of the "yarrow" flower, but my grandmother had some at the back corner of her house. My sister always called it "grandma's dress" flower. I think it is so pretty!

Auntie M said...

Loved the pics, Debbie. We have
had a lot of rain, and I bet you have, as well. It appears that you will have more tomorrow.

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