Monday, November 26, 2012

Some Weekend Baby Sewing

I did some baby sewing over the weekend. This was my first attempt at "rag edge" sewing. It was easy. These burp cloths turned out cute and are SO soft. I only had some odd pieces of flannel on hand that would work for a baby boy, but hope to get to the store soon to get some cuter flannel.

I also finished the Zoology baby quilt. Its a simple pattern and normally would be quick to finish, but I haven't had much sewing time in a while.

I sure did enjoy the long weekend we had. I stayed home all 4 days, except for going to church and on the way home from church I stopped at the grocery store. Hitting the Black Friday sales is not for me!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Debby said...

Your quilt is so sweet!! the burp cloths as well, I have rag edge sewing on my want to learn list. I am with you on the black Friday shopping, Thanksgiving is for giving thanks not fighting crowds in stores!!

Pen Pen said...

I made flannel burp cloths for my grandbabies, but didn't do the rag edge. I kept the 'mistakes' at my house and I love using them. Black Friday shopping is not for me either.

Impera_Magna said...

Those burp cloths are too cute! What a great idea to use a rag edge...

Love your Zoology quilt! It's gorgeous!

I, too, stay home after Thanksgiving... rather spend the time with family!

Auntie M said...

It is just great to have you back to blogging. Your plate has surely been full!

I love the quilt and the rag edge burp cloths. Can you tell me how you do it?

Ditto on Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. Talk about crazy!!

Terri said...

Debbie, the quilt is gorgeous! YOu always do such a wonderful job on them. I also love the burp cloths.