Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our November

November, 2012 will go down in history at the Homemaking Dreams Household. The most important even was my Mama's passing on November 2nd. Then exactly one week after the funeral, my hubby had total knee replacement of his right knee.

This is the first time in 12 years that we haven't gone on vacation during the week of our anniversary which is November 18th. This year we spent it in the hospital at Memorial Hospital, at UNC Chapel Hill. This year's vacation wasn't nearly as much fun as prior years, but there were some similarities.

A bed and socks:

A view:

A show. There was a fund raiser going on down in the Children's Hospital lobby with an Elvis impersonator. Yes, I looked rather washed out, but I had been sleeping in my hubby's hospital room for several days at that point.

Yesterday we went for hubby's two week post-op appointment and he is doing great! He is walking better than before the surgery, with less pain and his leg is straight and purty!


Rhonda said...

Hi Debbie, so nice to hear from your. You like nice and Elvis looks good too, but I think he is wearing more makeup than you are :)

TKR advice- it is hard but your hubby needs to do all the rehab therapy he is prescibed. Hope he back home and good as new very soon!

The Working Home Keeper said...

Glad to hear your husband is recovering well!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Pen Pen said...

You are too that pic of you and Elvis. I love the way you pointed out the similarities in the hospital 'vacation' and your 'anniversary getaway'. Glad your hubby is doing well and happy that he has purty legs!! I've been thinking about you all! Love this post!

Lena said...

Our Anniversary is November 18th too :) I'm so sorry this was such a tough month for you!

Alexandra said...

Anniversary Blessings to you both. Hope your husband is doing well after his surgery. I guess they have him up and around.

ancient one said...

I smiled as I read your post. When my husband had his heart surgery, I remember my mama saying, don't ever say he doesn't take you anywhere. You spent 13 days in all that luxury and he's never spent so much on you! We did have a good view and a nice room with the extra bed and two tvs... but really a vacation?... NOT!! I'm glad your husband is doing well. Hope you'll soon be out shagging.. :)

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