Monday, August 13, 2012

The Corner Cabinet Redo

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Last weekend I decided to gather all the odds and ends of white dishes I have been collecting into one place, the corner cabinet in the dining room. I like the final look.

None of these dishes cost much and were bought at thrift and junk stores or were gifts.

I've been learning a little bit about collectible dishes. There is ironstone, the poor man's china. There is also milk glass. And there are just plain white pretty dishes. I have a few pieces of iron stone and milk glass, but most of them fall in the latter category.

Now that I have learned a little bit about the history of dishes I know what to look for when out and about.

Don't you love those cinnamon brooms sold at Christmas time? This is one of those, but it doesn't smell like cinnamon any more. I tied a scrappy bow on it.

I still love those morning glories that a prior owner hand painted on this cabinet and would never think of painting over them!

Ps: I did work on a quilt this weekend!


Meggie said...

I absolutely love your idea and may need to copy it. As you may know from reading my blog, I'm moving. Everything must be re-done at my new "old" home. I would love to see you post other views of this room. Is it a black and white theme?

Impera_Magna said...

Love your white dishes and their new home! Gorgeous!

You can "refresh" your cinnamon broom with cinnamon oil... which you can purchase wherever potpourri oil or candle/soap making supplies are sold. Sometimes you can get it at a pharmacy. A little bottle will last for years...

Pen Pen said...

I was going to say the same thing as Impera Magna....I think cinnamon oil is about $1 a bottle at Walmart, near the silk flowers. You can spruce that little cinnamon broom right up! I love your cabinet. Did it come as a built in with your house?

ancient one said...

Everything looks so pretty..

Elizabeth said...

How pretty Debbie. I love dishes too.
Have a wonderful day.

KATHY said...

I love all your white dishes in your cabinet. They look beautiful.I'm your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Susan said...

I love all your white dishes! Until the past couple of years, I thought white dishes were too plain, but then I bought a plain white ceramic butter dish, and even my husband mentioned how classic it was. They're beautiful!

Shelia said...

Love your corner cabinet and all of your sweet white dishes!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Auntie M said...

Of course, I love the white dishes display! You know about all of my whites. The most special of yours (to me) is the bowl with the 'lacy' top edge which sits on the bottom shelf.

Your hubby did a terrific when he chose this at the shop where he found it. You must treasure this gift from him. He is special.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

The cabinet is very pretty...pretty painted flowers in the background...good job!! Your white collections is coming along and looks great in the cabinet.
I have my grandmother's china cabinet that holds her blue willow and I am thinking about painting it white too but I really hate to because it will not longer look like it did to me as a child, but change is good too, isn't it!!

Rhonda said...

you are quiet- hope everything is good and you are just busy :)