Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roasted Squash and other Healthy Summer Veggies

You know in the South, if you stand still too long someone will bread you and fry you! I love breaded and fried things such as okra, squash, green tomatoes, and eggplant. But, I don't really need to be eating that stuff on a daily basis and besides that, its pretty labor intensive to stand at the stove and bread and fry a bunch of veggies.

Roasting squash in the oven is one alternative that's really easy and tastes pretty good too. I spray a cookie sheet with olive oil flavored cooking spray and lay the squash that have been washed and sliced lengthwise on it like this:

Then I sparingly sprinkle some salt on them and liberally sprinkle some black pepper on them. Some people might like to put other spices such as onion powder or garlic powder. Some chopped up onion sprinkled on top would be good too, I bet.

Then I baked them on 375 for 20 minutes on one side. After 20 minutes I flip them over one by one with a fork and sprinkle my seasonings on the other side. Then, 20 more minutes on that side and you have roasted squash without any added calories.

Be sure to eat them as soon as they come out of the oven for optimal flavor and taste. Once they get cold, they aren't nearly as good.

Another tasty low calorie food that's easy to do this time of year are sliced cucumbers in vinegar. As you can see we like a lot of pepper on our food.

My supper last night: fresh corn on the cob, freshly dug potatoes (just boiled, not fried), meatloaf (one palm sized serving), cucumbers and squash.

I hope you are enjoying some of summer's bounty, while its available!


Meggie said...

That is my kind of the idea for the squash!

Tammy @ The Northern Nest said...

Thanks ever so much for sharing the roasting squash idea. I made a squash casserole but thought there has to be a healthier way to make it.

We love the cucumber salad here too. Some folks call it Thunder & Lightning and others {like my kids} call it that "stuff" you make...LOL!

Lyn said...

Looks delicious and healthy, Debbie. I laughed out loud on the bread and fry comment. My dh is from Louisiana so I believe that, lol. It is the same there too. I enjoy occasional fried food but you are right, one has to have balance.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Thanks for the roasting squash idea. Do you have any good ideas for freezing and using it? I froze some last year but didn't care for it just cooked in the micro. Nancy

Pen Pen said...

Yum!! Yesterday I had squash casserole (full of sour cream) and dill cucumbers (more sour cream) and lemon pie!! So yummy. I have picked my first two tomatoes, but am giving them a day or two more to ripen inside!

Denise said...

Your supper plate looks like one I would LOVE!

Mary Ann said...

The roasted squash looks yummy. I may have to try that!

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