Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Famous Last Words

Yesterday's post contained some of my famous last words, "They never bring salad, fruit or water...."

Today they brought peaches!

I peeled one and had it with my lunch. Yum!


Denise said...

They look delicious, but I have to admit the M & Ms from yesterday looked very tempting.

Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

Aww ~ now that was so sweet of them. Maybe you should all go on a group health kick (I didn't say diet because some of them may not need to diet) but everyone needs to get healthier in their may have started something here!

thea said...

maybe someone there reads your blog. those peaches look great ..

Pen Pen said...

LOL... peaches are good...but donuts are better. LOL