Friday, April 13, 2012

Crafty Things

My friend Terri at HEARTS IN SERVICE is hosting a linky today called Crafty Things. She would love for you to link to posts about any crafty things you have been up to.

And you know me! I'm not one to pass up an opportunity show things I have been working on, so here goes:

I have to put the final border on the long sides of this quilt top and it will be finished and ready for pin basting. I've shared this on my quilting blog already, but this quilt is for my step-son's college graduation gift and is made from his shirts and other fabrics purchased to coordinate with them.

I hope to do that pin basting job this weekend, but work in the yard is calling me as well as other obligations, so we will see how that goes!

Someone or some group made small neck pillows for the dialysis patients and my mother love hers. Sadly, it got damaged during her recent hospital stay, so I tried to duplicate it. I laid it on a piece of newspaper and traced around it. I made this "rough draft" in a hurry last night to see how it fit her neck. If it works I'll trade this one for the damaged one and bring it home to repair.

I made another Thomas and Friends travel play mat for my Etsy Shop.

Thanks Terri!


Terri said...

I always love your quilting, Debbie. You do such beautiful work! I also love that little play mat. Don't forget to link up at my blog so others can see your work too. :-)

Terri said...

To link up, click on the linky button at the bottom of my post. It should give you directions from there (if I did it right)!

It will ask for your blog post url, your name and email address and then you click on the next button and it will allow you to choose a photo from your collection to use for the thumbnail picture above your link.

You may have already figured this all out.

Impera_Magna said...

That is one handsome quilt! Just gorgeous... I know someone is going to be very pleased with his new quilt!!!

You've been very busy... and you've been working in the yard too!

Lyn said...

You have been busy in the sewing room. :) The quilt is beautiful and I'm sure your step-son will just love it. I hope the neck pillow works out well for your mama too.

Ruth said...

I had a play mat quilt when my daughter was little, and it was my most favorite quilt of all she had. You do such beautiful work on all your quilts.

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