Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Good Morning!

April 10, 2012 is here already!

Local North Carolina Strawberries are ready much earlier than usual. These luscious beauties were picked a week ago. My hubby has been prepping them and freezing them, as well as feeding them to me, accompanied by vanilla ice cream and angel food cake.

These flowers are an old fashioned flower whose real name is Spiderwort, but I've heard it called frog eyes. My aunt called it the cemetery flower because that's where we got our plants that now happily grow in our yards. Their flowers open early in the morning, late in the afternoon and during cloudy days. Hot, bright sunlight makes them close up, until the next morning.

Dianthus or Sweet William? Or maybe its known by both names. This one bloomed a little all winter and has started blooming in full gear now.

The farmers haven't started working in the field behind our house yet and it looks like a beautiful meadow. I'm wondering what will be planted back there this year. Its the third growing season that we've lived here. The first year there were sweet potatoes. We were able to glean the leftover ones after harvest season. The second year there was cotton. I loved having the back 40 looking like cotton.

The Meadow:


Meggie said...

Very nice photos....The spiderworts are also blooming in my pastures. I can't believe the lucious looking strawberries. Save some for ice cream in the summer.

Granny said...

I didn't know that was called Spider Wort. We always called them violets. I recall the pictures you posted last year of the cotton field. It reminded me of the cotton fields I'd see when we visited my grandma in North Carolina when I was a child.

Impera_Magna said...

We had local strawberries for dessert on Easter... can't be beat!

Spring is bustin' out all over... gotta enjoy it while it's happening... it will be summer before you know it!

Pen Pen said...

so pretty! the strawberries look so yummy! I don't think ours are quite ready yet in our area. I miss living amongst those large fields and wondering what will be planted each year!

Susannah said...

Oh..your spider wort is so pretty. I have grown it before and have had good luck with it. We rented out our field last year and it was seeded with hay seed last August. It is looking pretty good.I love your photos today. The pic of the strawberries is very tempting!!!!!

Susan said...

I can just taste those strawberries! :) They won't be ready up here till June, and it's still a little cool here for planting much. I won't put flowers on my balcony for probably 3-4 more weeks. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

How Pretty Debbie.
Have a wonderful day.

ancient one said...

Yes, we're enjoying the strawberries on 903. Had some for lunch today. I love your meadow. I love looking at the fields before they are planted.. some have a hue of blue.. some purple.. some red... depending on what wild flower is more abundant.. I call it SWEET WILLIAM and always told my oldest grandson it was named for him..LOL I love spring!! even though my allergies are raging!!

Rita said...

I know your grandson enjoys Thomas the Train. I don't know if this magazine is something you would be interested in but I found this good buy.

I was unable to send you the link but if you google Northern Cheapskate it will take you right to it.

Terri said...

This is the time I wish I live in the South! Those strawberries look delicious. :-)

I wanted to mention to you that I started a Crafty Things link-up on Fridays on my blog. I know you do a lot of crafts so I wanted to invite you to join in if you have a crafty post!

daughter 1 said...

So pretty Mama

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