Friday, March 16, 2012

Homemaking ... the little things

Do you place your toilet paper on the thing "just so", so that it rolls off from over the roll, or from under the roll? Do you care one way or another, or does your family care?

At my house, no one cares!

I think that the little things in homemaking are important, but the little things shouldn't revolve around things that don't really matter in the long run. Who cares how the toilet paper rolls off the roller?

In a few years, if you look back, what will you remember?

Here are just few small things that do matter. I'm sure you could think of lots more.

1. Everyone needs clean underwear at all times...
2. If you get it out, put it away!
3. Be as polite to your family members as you would to a stranger or your minister.
4. Overlook those things that you yourself have been guilty of...
5. Be ready to forgive
6. Keep a cleaning schedule, but don't obsess over it. Some things really do need to be kept clean but if "it ain't dirty", don't clean it.
7. Every family member deserves their favorite meal occasionally.
8. Figure out what you can do to reduce the stress at your house and then do it. Maybe you should get up earlier so that you get where you are going on time.
9. Make a regular habit of decluttering and bring less clutter into the house to begin with.
10. Its nice to greet family members when they first come home and spend a little time with them, no matter what you are doing.
11. Buy as many healthy foods as you can.
12. Take care of the most important things and then if there's time you can do some of the less important things.

Ok, back to the toilet paper question. If its important to someone in your house that toilet paper roll a certain way, then put it on there that way! That's one small way to show you care.

Have a wonderful day of homemaking!


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Impera_Magna said...

I prefer the TP so it rolls off from the top but if anyone changes the empty roll and does it the other way... it's not the end of the world.

You're quite right about not making a huge deal out of little things and being nice to those with whom you live...

Terri said...

Fortunately, everyone in my house puts the toilet paper on the right way, which is coming off the top of the roll! ;-)

Seriously though, this is a good reminder Debbie. Don't major in the minors!

Angela said...

Apparently the manufacturers say over the top is 'male' and down the back is 'female'.
I always do it the male way!
blessings x

Auntie M said...

I have, for a long time, done mine the 'female' way. Started when we had a cat in the house. Cats will play with t paper, pulling it down if it is hanging over the top of the roll. Have you ever had to roll all that paper back onto the roll?

Of course, we have not had a cat in years, and we still roll paper down the back of the roll!!!!

I love the list of small things that really matter.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

I had to giggle when I read your opening question! That's one I have discussed with other ladies from time to time, so I thought it was funny when you asked! For the record, I'm an over-the-top girl! ;)

Great list of little things that really do matter!

Lyn said...

I like the t.p. over the top and dh likes it under so we tease each other about it and will sometimes joke about being first to replace the roll. But in the scheme of things, no, it's not a big deal. Over the years I've learned and keep learning that the little things are just that - little things.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

after reading your post, I visited my daddy and looked at his Our State magazine and there is a garden scene in there that has a red chair with a plant in it almost like yours!!! You will have to take a look...

Meggie said...

I like the way it looks on the holder when it rolls over the top.
What a great idea with chairs for a country flower garden...

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