Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Pantry Plan

Question: If for some reason you weren't able to buy food, for what ever reason, how long could you survive?

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to stock our pantry so that we have plenty of food on hand in case of emergency and also to save money. I'm not going to take it to the extreme, but I think having a good supply of food is a smart idea. You never know when hard times will come or an emergency will happen.

I spent some time this week organizing my food storage shelves:

The steps I am taking to achieve a well stocked pantry:

1. Research on line and examine our eating habits to come up with a list of items to buy.

2. Organize the food storage areas that I already have so that the extra food can be stored properly.

3. Be vigilant about stocking up on staples during unbeatable sales, especially if the price can be reduced even further with coupons.

4. Keep an inventory of the pantry so that the oldest food will always be used first and so that I always know what is available for meals.

5. Plan menus and grocery lists around what is in the pantry.

6. Keep a list of recipes that use the pantry staples in many different ways.

7. Continue with my freezer cooking plans.

I don't have a walk in pantry or a basement to store food in, but I can use what I do have to the best of my ability, so that my family will be provided for.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. Camera problems this morning!

Happy Thursday!


Denise said...

I always feel better when I have some "stock" in the pantry. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Granny said...

A great post Debby. I often wonder at people who say they have to go to the grocery before they can cook a meal.

Angela said...

#4 and #5 are the two things I need to work on! Stuff gets re-arranged and then overlooked.

this is a sensibleplan though

Pen Pen said...

Agree! I have fallen away from stocking up since I've been living between two houses. There is nothing more frustrating than running to the store every couple of days!!! grrr!

Auntie M said...

You are truly a lady after my own heart!!! We could probably eat for weeks on the goods in the pantry and freezers. It might not be our first choices on variety, but it would be good and healthy.

However, you might want to come and help me organize!!! You know what I mean.

I always treasure your posts.

Mrs. E said...

Hi Debbie,
I am in the process if restocking my pantry this week.
Great post.
Mes. E

Impera_Magna said...

I used to "stock the pantry" but when it's just me... I don't do it that much any more. I do try to keep basics on hand for soup making... and I do freeze soups in individual portions for "later"...

Looking forward to watching your progress, Debbie!

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