Monday, August 15, 2011

Blooming Tuesday - Mid August, 2011

Its Blooming Tuesday at Mrs. Green Thumb Jean's blog.We are creeping toward the end of an extremely hot and dry summer in Eastern North Carolina. We have watered our plants almost every single day!

Here are a few that are still looking pretty good.

A close up of a red Petunia right after being watered.

The Zinnias are still blooming, but I do need to do some serious dead heading!

Lavender Petunias:

Sweet Williams:

Yellow Four O'clocks:

A different view of the Zinnias:

Crinum Lillies:

This lime green Coleus has grown to be a HUGE plant!:

I love how these Gerbera Daisies mimic the ones on the flower pot:

The back door of a birdhouse:

I put these two pictures at the bottom so as to not freak you out too much!


Roan said...

I love this post! Even the scary spiders at the end. I think my favorite is the zinnias with the house in the background, but it's a toss up. They are all beautiful!

Rosemary said...

Debbie Everything is looking very good in the garden Love the pot with the bright yellow nice combo.

Darla said...

We had a nice brief cool down this morning in North Florida. Your flowers look good, love the gerbera in the gerbera container. Those spiders are all over here too.

Beth said...

Debbie, Your annuals are faithfully providing color in your August garden. Spiders are good, as long as they stay outside! Enjoyed my visit to your pretty garden today.
xo, Beth

Susannah said...

all of your flowers look so good and happy. We have had to water every day here in NY until last week. I love the picture - "different view of the zinnias". What a great camera capture!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your garden is really beautiful!!

Jean said...

You still have a lot of beautiful color. I love the shot of the zinnia against the lovely blue sky. Jean

Indie said...

Your flowers look great. I love those petunias! I'm in mid-Carolina and am also so glad to see the long hot weather finally starting to show signs of waning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. Everything here is almost dead . It is so hot and dry.
I am ready for fall and cooler weather.
Have a simple day.

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