Thursday, June 30, 2011

Regrouping for July

I've been inspired to be more organized, more frugal and to get more things done lately. I'm not sure what has triggered this... But, I've seen some interesting blogs lately and revisited LAINE'S LETTERS and FLYLADY.

I felt such an accomplishment after working in our bedroom over the weekend, that I hope I will be on a roll to work in other areas of the house. Trust me, there are several areas that could use some help!

Even though I was tired and not in the mood to really do anything, here's what I did after getting home yesterday.

1. Cooked supper and cleaned up the kitchen.
2. Watered outside plants in containers
3. Decluttered my car.
4. Gathered up all library books to be returned and put them in the car.
5. Threw away a pile of magazines, sales papers, church bulletins, etc. that had accumulated on the ottoman.
6. Spent a few minutes deadheading the Rose Campions that have been dead for a while.
7. Picked and washed squash
8. Cut out the remaining triangles of fabric needed for the Quilt Along I am doing.
9. Put a load of laundry that was washed before work in the dryer and folded them.
10. Went through the bills that needed to be paid for July.

The three areas I want to work on in July are: 1. Spending less; 2. Getting the house organized, cleaned and in order; and 3. work on and enjoy my gardening and quilting.

I hope to limit the money spent at the grocery store in July by making the most of fresh produce and by using whats already in the pantry.

Have a great Thursday!


Denise said...

Sounds like a great plan for July, I just cleaned my desk and realized that I had not been doing well with my plan for the year, maybe I should join you in "purging & organizing" during July!

Pen Pen said...

Where in the world do you find all that energy after a full day of work? I need some of that! The Elm Creek Quilt books that I am reading are really inspiring me to quilt. I am machine quilting the top of that little quilt I've been working on for awhile, but can't bring myself to try "free form" yet. You will have to do a post with "tips" for me. :o)

Mariliz said...

It must be something in the air. I'm in that mood as well, and got a lot of little things taken care of yesterday! Today, I'm making pickles and doing laundry and washing all the outside furniture (porch and patio). It feels good.

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed this post - you inspire me! I've been so lazy with the heat. I get things done, but not near what I'd like to. Thanks for sharing your good ideas. :)

Mrs. E said...

Hi Debbie,
I am regrouping for July too. Time to get back to a simple slow life.
Have a Happy 4th of July.
Mrs. E

Auntie M said...

Great plans you have - as well as a lot of accomplishments yesterday after work!

Planted a new hydrangea yesterday. It is Vanilla Strawberry, developed at NC State.
It will bloom white, turning to cranberry - not a trace of blue!!!!

We also have 1 cherry tomato, four
patio tomatoes, two peppers and three cucumber plants. The deer got several cucumbers and tw peppers. Do not know what of the remaining will survive.

We have been kinda' keeping our eyes open for an upgrade on our RV. We tried one out this morning and even made it fit into the Carriage House. If we can sell ours, we will probably seriously consider it.

Ms. L said...

You did a lot on your list! I think it helps to have others to chat about things like this. I know it motivates me. We are on the same wavelength I think. :)

Pauline said...

My goodness you're ambitious! Congrats on a job well done - you are well on your way to meeting your goals!

Blessings - Pauline

Sportsgirl said...

You've been a busy girl Debbie!

I enjoyed this post. I too am trying to commit to being more frugal this month. I have a savings and spending plan I want to adhere too. I love reading about what other people are doing.

Rose Mary said...

Great post~I need to do so many of those things! I love the flylady site and need to visit over there more often. The clutter in my house has really been bugging me lately~thanks for the inspiration.

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