Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In The Kitchen With Debbie - A Kitchen Mess

My kitchen has been busy lately! Summer time is canning season and we have lots of birthdays in our family which means cake baking.

Saturday I had a batch of pickles in process and made a pound cake for my hubby's birthday.

This resulted in quite a mess.

Ready to go into the oven:

An old fashioned poundcake with chocolate glaze:

The kitchen was cleaned up and I am looking forward to making more pickles and canning my first tomatoes.

I bet none of you ever let your kitchen get in a mess!


Terri said...

Mwaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!!! Yes, my kitchen is always magazine ready. LOL!!! NOT!

Karen Twombly said...

Oh yes, I surely DO let my kitchen get messy! My mother hated watching me cook as a teen because of it and I have to confess I haven't totally dropped the habit! I seemed to surround myself with my projects, lol!!
Have a great day!!
Karen T.

Mrs. E said...

Hi Debbie,
My kitchen a mess? Ha Ha. The cake looks yummy. Please post your recipe.
Happy Birthday to B.
Mrs. E

thea said...

but mine's always messy with dirty dishes and bottles and cans not cake stuff, which at least has something yummy at the end...

Rhonda said...

A messy kitchen is a productive kitchen. :) That cake sure looks good! My kitchen is in a perpetual state of disaster. LOL

ancient one said...

you know better than that... anyone who really cooks makes a messy kitchen... the one's whose kitchens always look clean are those who NEVER cook...LOL

Pen Pen said...

Oh my... that cake looks DELICIOUS! And yes, my kitchen looks worse than that when I bake. :o)

Susan said...

Oh, no . . . my kitchen is NEVER a mess! LOL My daughter loves to bake, and when she gets in there making cakes and cookies, it looks like a tornado hit. Of course, I have been known to make a mess or two in my time . . .

Your pound cakes looks delicious! Makes me want to go make one for my husband!

Auntie M said...

Oh, you know that my kitchen is never a mess!!! NOT!

We have been away for a week, so have not commented, except for the "Thou shalt not whine" stone
I was able to briefly see on Monday before we left agin.