Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Blooms

I was working out of town yesterday, so I'm a little late for Blooming Tuesday, but here it is anyway! This post is linked to Ms. Green Thumb Jean's Blog.

This is a plate that was in the garden section at a dollar store. I'm not sure I like it here in the shade garden. It may be bordering on looking a little too much like clutter. But I like the words on the plate. It can easily be taken down if I decide to.

These red and white petunias could be the flower for NC State, so they are popular at our house.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis and Morning Glories are ready to climb on this trellis.

The Zinnias are up and growing!

A Geranium, lavender, Rosemary and a trailing vine.

A Rock Geranium growing in.. where else? The rock garden.

Some small Hydrangeas bought on clearance. Can't wait for them to grow and bloom.

The clothesline trellis with small Morning Glories, ready to start climbing, I hope.


Denise said...

Things are looking beautiful in your garden.....mine hasn't "caught up" with yours but I have things growing, the rhubarb I planted last week is really looking happy to finally be out of the pot. In a few weeks we should have some lilacs, can't wait for that sweet smell!

ancient one said...

I love all the flowers you showed us today. Your gardens are going to be so pretty!

Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful... lots and lots of promises happening in your gardens!

Jean said...

I like the plate on the tree, cute! I love watching plants grow especially in spring. Everything looks so neat and weedless! Jean

Susannah said...

Oh My..what fun! We are waiting for the rain to stop here in the Finger Lakes of New York so we can even think about planting. The poor farmers here. Anyways, I love your gardens and I love your pictures. You are going to have so many zinnias. I love putting them in a jar and giving them away.


Auntie M said...

I love each photo! Where is the patch of zinnias and birdhouse? Are they to the left of the house (when looking from the highway?)
You are really going to have a lot to cut and enjoy inside.

The plate is neat and perfect for you and your home.

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