Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on the Sidney Quilt

Sydney was born earlier this week and all is well with the baby and Mom. The baby was named Sydney, just as I had hoped. The spelling is different than I had thought, but I like it.

This picture shows the quilt on Sydney's crib waiting for her arrival home from the hospital.


Granny said...

I'm glad mom and baby are doing well. That little quilt is beautiful and looks great waiting for the little one to arrive home.

Have a great weekend.

Pen Pen said...

Awww... another sweet baby has entered the world! The quilt is so darling and she will enjoy it for years!!

Auntie M said...

Love the Sydney quilt. Remind me.
Is Sydney's mom your niece?

Impera_Magna said...

A beautiful quilt all ready to welcome a precious little girl home! Best wishes to the entire family!

Rhonda said...

beautiful quilt! you still amaze me with how much you do,.

and best wishes to the new baby and her family. She sure has a pretty quilt to look at.

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