Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Glimpse of Home

A Saturday meal slow cooked in the oven while I worked in the yard and the house. It was delicious and the meat was so tender!

Some plants bought on clearance ready to plant. I hope to finish getting the yard ready for spring this weekend, since it will be a long weekend and the weather forecast sounds good.

The wind still blows every day.

This Christmas Cactus is still blooming! I am amazed.

Have a wonderful day!



Denise said...

Hope you have an enjoyable and productive Easter weekend.

Happy Easter!

Granny said...

Potatoes, carrots and beef. One of my favorite slow cooker meals. Yummm.

Hope that wind dies down soon. It looks like it's blowing all the top soil away.

Have a blessed day.

Pen Pen said...

The stew looks yummy!! I have to admit one thing about your pic's and all the reminiscing I do: your recent pic's reminded me of all the dust that would blow off the fields everytime the wind blew... my windows seemed to stay dirty in eastern NC. LOL That's one thing I don't miss here in the piedmont. I love your posts!

Susannah said...

Your slow cooked Saturday meal looks so delish!!!!

Your plants look like they are ready to get in the ground and produce lots and lots of flowers. I may try putting some flowering plants around my houseplants when I move a few outside. We have 500 varoius flower seedlings growing in the basement under grow lights. They are coming along well. I hope to give many away to family and friends that have been so kind to me this year.

Enjoy your posts.


Rose Mary said...

Your stew looks so good! I've got lots of plants to get out, too.

ancient one said...

Yes, the wind is still blowing... we have dust flying out on the highway... and I'm seeing this beef stew right at lunch time... making me hungry...LOL

Happy Easter!!

Ms. L said...

That does look delicious and I hope you enjoyed it! Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

Alexandra said...

I'm still really liking that wood table of yours! Mine X-mas cactus lasted fairly long this year as well - just stopped blooming. Yours looks so much healthier than mine. My neighbor gave me mine, and it was in rough shape. It's never quite recovered but still blooms well. The leaves are rough looking - brown spots when he left them out in the cold. I'm thinking of starting new ones off of it this year.

Have you noticed more weeds this year? We've got a ton. I've been hoeing them, but I think I need to get out the Round-up.

I recognize the nice DG pots. I got a couple of those as well, and seeds. I'm going back after the next shipment comes in to get more plastic fencing for my daughter's garden.

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