Friday, March 11, 2011

Rainbows and Shadows

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I headed home from work yesterday along with a storm system that was passing through. The back edge of the clouds was right over the farmhouse which meant that on one side of the house there was clouds and on the other side the sun was shining very brightly through the clouds. I was very excited to see the awesome cloud formations and grabbed my camera and ran out on the front porch to see if I could get some interesting pictures with my inexpensive (aka cheap) camera.

Once I got outside I realized there was a full rainbow all the way across the sky and an almost invisible second rainbow. The ground was wet and cold, but I went out in the yard in my sock covered feet to try to get some pictures. The pictures don't do the rainbow or the cloudy sky justice, but here are some of them

The opposite side of the farmhouse on the west looked totally different.


Granny said...

What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing a rainbow after a storm.

Rita said...

These are so good they gave me chills. Just beautiful. I'm so glad you stopped and got pictures.

Florrie said...

Beautiful heartwarming pictures.
florrie x

Denise said...

Beautiful, thanks for taking the time to share them.

Here On Crow Creek said...

I took pictures of the rainbow yesterday to! You will have to come and see mine to:) Yours looks amazing! It truely was the brightest rainbow I had ever seen before. Just beautiful!!

Pen Pen said...

The double rainbow is amazing! I love rainbows!!! Your pic's are really pretty.