Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Spring Garden Progress

The lettuce is really coming along. The good thing about growing it in containers is that we can move them around based on the weather. We place them in a place that breaks the wind on windy days and move them under a shelter when freezing weather is forecast. When the weather gets too hot for them, hopefully moving them into a shadier, cooler spot, will help them produce longer, since lettuce is a cool weather crop.

Some of the tomato seeds have come up. These are Better Boys, Early Girls and Mortgage Lifters. Until the weather warms up some, my kitchen has been taken over by seed starting!

On nice days we will simply carry the trays outside so the little plants can get enough sun. This will prevent them from getting too leggy and spindly.

We used recycled containers for all of our seed starting. These containers held fried chicken bought for a family birthday celebration. They are perfect since they even have a clear cover to keep the soil moist!

Styrofoam cups work well too! These contain pickling cucumbers and yellow straight neck summer squash.

We are having our normal early spring cool snap, but before you know it we will be planting all these veggies outside in the kitchen garden.


Impera_Magna said...

Everything is looking good!

Don't you just love this cold snap? And on my spring break too!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, I may decide to do some lettuce and a few other plants soon. I need to do some research on when I should plant for our growing season.

Granny said...

You have a nice start on your garden. Great use for those containers with the clear tops.

Akehia said...

Oh geez! I haven't gotten my squash and cukes started yet! I got too late a start last year and wanted to avoid the same this year. I had tomatoes and peppers started and put them outside in my mini greenhouse, and they started to sprout. But...now it's freezing and I'm away from home several days a week, so I fear they won't do well. I might have to buy plants again this year :-( I'm excited about your lettuce--it looks great and is coming along nicely. Mine is still pretty small, but it's coming along. I'm doing a lot in containers too--my tomatoes did best that way, and they were only in 2.5 gallon pots.
Good luck with your gardening!

Auntie M said...

Is the lettuce buttercrunch? We have only planted a few yard
things. We have an Alberta Spruce
to put on the front corner of the

We planted a special hydrangea in the Fall and have another coming to plant now. these are not blue hydrangeas, but pink to cranberry.

Love seeing your tiny seedlings.

Terri said...

Everything looks great, Debbie! I can't wait to start planting.

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