Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sneak Peek at Picnic In The Park

I have been working on a new quilt top that will be a play/practice quilt. HERE is the pattern from Crazy Mom Quilts. Using the large size blocks allowed me to make this quilt top in a week, which is unheard of for me. :o)

I want to use this quilt for learning to do some new free motion quilting designs, such as leaves, vines, flowers and more. This top is made completely from my stash and scraps. There are 70 different fabrics in it, some I love and others.... not so much. The backing will be made from stash, as well. It takes the pressure off when I know the quilt won't be sold or a gift. I do want to do a good job, but it doesn't have to be perfect. But, then none of my quilts are perfect anyway.

When finished, this quilt will be a great utility quilt and the name of it is PICNIC IN THE PARK. In other words I envision it as a great quilt to put down in the park for a picnic. I can just see my daughter, son-in-law and grandson having a picnic on this quilt in their neighborhood park.

It was a sunny day Saturday when I was taking these pictures, but windy! I could hardly hold on to the quilt top while attaching it to the line. It reminded me of some scenes from Little House on the Prairie when Ma and the girls were trying to hang clothes on the line on a windy day.

This week's temperatures are forecast to be nice and I plan to take my walking clothes and shoes to get in a little exercise on my lunch break, even if its windy.


Granny said...

That looks great. Big blocks like that should be quick and easy to sew together.

amandajean said...

Your quilt top looks great! I love your use of have great definition between the lights and darks. Such a pretty stash quilt! Have fun quilting it. :)

Auntie M said...

Perfect for a picnic in the park.
I will be anxious to see the free motion designs you do in these blocks.

Auntie M

Pen Pen said...

A picnic quilt... what a great idea, and just think of all the memories that quilt will help to create. Can't wait to see your "fancy" quilting stitches!

Drucilla's Stitches said...

Very pretty...the colors go together nicely! Look forward to seeing this quilted. Happy Valentine's Day!

Denise said...

Very nice quilt Debbie, but I'm very jealous that you have bare ground. It will be quite some time before I see bare ground in my yard :0(

Rhonda said...

I think the wacky prints all work together for a fun quilt

your NC wind looks like how the OK wind is almost always blowing. We are having some nice warm days for a change and the dog, GD and me had a nice walk already. Hope you had a nice walk too

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