Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Glimpse of Home

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I may be at work today in body, but this is where I will be in spirit:

This week at night I am working on a quilted walker caddy. One of my hubby's friends has requested one for his wife who uses one on her walker The one she has is worn out. He brought home measurements and a description of the one she has, which is not quilted. I think quilting it will make it more sturdy and prettier.

I am also working on the quilt backing for the Picnic in the Park quilt. I would love to have it ready for quilting this weekend.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Rhonda said...

I have a funny story about a walker-wheelchair bag. There is a rummage sale in my town, on the last day everything is $1 a bagfull.
I thought I put this pretty fabric handbag in my sack, but when I got it home, we could not figure out why the straps were like they were.
Then we figured out it was not a handbag but was to tie on a walker.

it was very pretty and well made too, I gave it to another thrift store and hope someone is using it.

when I worked, my heart was always home too. hope you work day goes by fast and you are back home before you know it

Betsy said...

Hi Debbie,
I made my grandma a quilted walker bag and it has held up really well. She's been using it for over a year now and its still in good shape. I used velcro on the corners and a couple in the middle along the top of bag to attach it to the walker. I wanted to make sure it was secure and that seemed to work really well. Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out great.

Have a great day.


Pen Pen said...

Let me say: the lady will love it! At the nursing home where I work, those things are priceless! So many of our little people keep all their personal things with them and this allows them to leave their rooms and not worry about "if it will be there" when they get back to their rooms. Funny Story: I lost my ID badge at work one evening. I looked everywhere and could not find it. (the residents were asleep, so I didn't ask any of them) I decided I had lost it and would have to buy another one. When I returned to work a few days later, one of my male residents, who cannot speak, motioned for me to come there. He reached in his little walker bag and pulled out my badge. You could tell he was so proud of himself. He had "kept" it for me, until he could see me again. ;-)

Pen Pen said...

ps... I KNOW your heart is at home. I hope one day, soon, you can retire and be home everyday, in the place you love.

Auntie M said...

You are a thoughtful good person!
The bag will turn out well, I am sure.

Have a great day.

Auntie M

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