Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Swagbuck Tips

My plan to earn Swagbucks consistently in 2011 is going well! I have $15.00 in Amazon Gift Cards tucked away for Christmas 2011. I don't want to touch them until the first of November, at which time I plan to start Christmas shopping for my family with them. I am keeping a running total of them on the right side bar and will do periodic posts here also.

To all of you that signed up through the Swagbucks link on my blog... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I also want to say that if you signed up and haven't started searching with Swagbucks yet, its a fun and easy way to earn Amazon gift cards or other prizes. But, just signing up isn't enough. You have to start searching if you want to win .

If you want to sign up for Swagbucks click HERE or click on the Swagbucks widget on my right wide bar.

I'm no expert, but here are a few tips:

1. Once you sign up you can search two ways. If you download the Swagbucks Toolbar, you can search directly from what ever screen you are on while on line. This is the easiest way. Just search on your Swagbucks toolbar, instead of using Google or other search engines. I don't have the toolbar on my computer at home, but do have it on the one at work.

If you don't download the toolbar, you can save the Swagbucks link under your favorites and just go directly to the website to search. Its a little more trouble that way, but either way will work.

2. Don't forget to earn your ONSIES every day. There are 4 Swagbucks you can earn free every day. I know 4 isn't many, but done CONSISTENTLY over time will add up. Here are the 4 ways: 1. If you have the Swagbucks Tool bar downloaded, you automatically get one a day; 2. Go to the Swagbucks homepage and click on EARN. Under that you will see Daily Polls. Take the daily poll and you earn one SB; 3. Under Earn, go to Trusted Surveys. You earn one SB, just by going there. If you want to take a survey, go for it. I never qualify for any of them, but I still earn my one SB for looking; and 4, under Earn go to NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). I click on NEXT or SEE NEXT OFFER until I win my 1 SB. If you see an offer you want to do, go for it. But you still win the 1 SB either way.

3. Almost every day there are Swagcodes that earn a few swagbucks. The trick is to find about them before they expire. Swagbucks is on Pacific Time, so most of them are later in the day. But, you can never tell what time they will be available. The codes show up on the blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on the toolbar that you have downloaded. HERE IS A SITE called We Love Swagbucks that I am sometimes able to get code locations from. About half the time, by the time I find out about the code, it has already expired. I am going to start doing a quick post with the location of a code, if I see it in time to possibly help any of you who are interested, get a few SBs. So if you see a post entitled, "Swag Code Available", that's what it will be about.

4. I use Swagbucks every time I do a search all day, but have found that certain search words trigger the SBs more than others. If it has been several hours since you have won any SBs, try searching the word "facebook". So far that has been the best word I've used. It may or may not make a difference, since recently I won SBs searching, "A Woman After God's Own Heart" and "Green Bay Packers". :o)

5. Since the Amazon gift cards are for internet use, each card is given a different number which posts under your account on Swagbucks. What I do is copy this number and paste it into my account at Amazon. This way the money is available for spending and adds up there just like a savings account.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you.


Granny said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm slowly earning Swagbucks. I now have 217. How many does it take to get a $5 Amazon gift card? I thought I saw someplace that it took 500 points.

Pen Pen said...

woo hoo... I LOVE swagbucks!!! The dinosaur that Avery is riding in one of my pic's came from Amazon... totally free, thanks to swagbucks. I haven't had any luck getting anyone to sign up lately, and all my users have maxed out (as far as free points for me). good luck!!!

Denise said...

I'm definately going to check this out in the next day or two, I want to earn some easy $$. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Auntie M said...

How do I get the Swagbucks toolbar?

Auntie M

Manuela@TPOH said...

Don't forget swagbucks tv. They have a limit of 75 points a day for watching those videos. You could technically get an Amazon GC every week!


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