Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye, My Love

A large sweet tea and sausage burrito from McDonalds.....

I've become way to attached and its time to drink some water! Instead of having this breakfast 5 days a week I am going to cut back and eventually make it a rare treat.


lisa said...

Sausage Mc-Muffin is my favorite and yes pop... and I am cutting back on the fast foods.. hard to do when it is so unheathly..congrats on cutting back..Lisa

Florrie said...

Why are the nicest tastiest things always bad for us.....hope you succeed.

Don't worry about publishing my link as I know the person very well who's been making things difficult, she doesn't blog and she has no google account, but she's been e-mailing me and making problems within my family after she's read my blog..........I think it's very unlikely she will find my new blog.

Thanks for the kind comment.
florrie x

Pen Pen said...

Give up sausage burritoes???? NEVER! I love those things, too! I am not a sweet tea drinker, so that would be okay for me... but not brownies, cakes, cookies, chips, etc.

Auntie M said...

Hey Deb,

With your bent for healthy eating, I was suprised to learn about your usual breakfast! However, the burrito sounds wonderful. Have never eaten one, but now I must try. Of course, it will be accompanied by coffee.

As resolute as you are, I know that you will succeed in switching to a healthier choice.

Auntie M

Granny said...

Grampy and I just came back from shopping and we both had a breakfast burrito at McDonalds along with senior coffees. They have a dollar menu where you get two burritos for $1. That was our big splurge for the week. lol

I have tried making the sweet tea at home but it just isn't as good as theirs.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Dave has found since he limited on so many of his favorite foods that when he does get them they taste so much better. Good luck on your new adventure,

Alexandra said...

Yummy! That's what I used to eat when I worked. That and a small McD's coffee. They knew me well at the McD's on the way to my office. ;)

Hazel said...

I was on a an UNsweet tea and a sausage McMuffin kick for a long time and finally kicked the habit...but for the last few days on the way to work I have stopped and had a Chik Fil A biscuit.......from one bad habit to another :(

A Servant of the King said...

I'm trying to give up Dr. Pepper but it hasn't been easy. Keep us informed of your progress.

Roxanne said...

This brought me out of lurkdom... I, too, and a SWEET tea fanatic.

I, too, have vowed to stop drinking it and hit the water!