Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting Room Projects

Recently I have found myself in waiting rooms in doctor's offices quite a bit, so I wanted to come up with some projects to make use of this "found" or "lost" time, depending on how you look at it. I pulled out this project which I started a couple of years ago. Its a crochet edge baby blanket. I thought maybe the smaller size would lend itself to be a waiting room project.

After getting out my internet instructions and learning how to make the scalloped edge again, I took it for a trial run in the waiting room of one of my mother's doctors. But... the combination of a small waiting room, full of patients and several walkers, soon convinced me that working on this project just wasn't a realistic plan.

I think the best project for a wait in a doctor's waiting room would be a cross stitch project. I do have something in mind for this. I want to make some children's quilted tote bags and think their name cross stitched and sewn on the front would be really cute and a nice gift. I just need to get my supplies out and start the project so that when I am in a waiting room all I would have to do is stitch some Xes.

But, for now in order to get my "sewing", "quilting" or other "stitching" fix while waiting, I'll just read a book like this:

I recently read on Bonnie of Quiltville's blog that she handquilts bed size quilts while flying on airplanes!

Do any of you have waiting room projects that you like to do that are convenient and easy enough for small, crowded waiting rooms?


Florrie said...

I love doing counted cross-stitch projects while having to wait around, only problem is I'm easily distracted and loose my stitch count, so knitting is what I usually settle for, sock knitting, just going round and round seems to make the waiting go faster, very soothing. That crochet edge looks like it would take a bit of concentration, very pretty though

Anonymous said...

I usually read while waiting but how about crocheting? Granny squares or knitting dishcloths or potholders?

Hope your mother is doing well!


Anonymous said...

My vote is for cross stitching or reading. In time past, I have corss stitched many a project during the 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from home to Raleigh. Have not done it lately, but it surely does make the hours go by quickly.

Love yu,

Amy said...

I like to knit dish clothes. I will sometimes work on a knitted sock if I am working of the "tube" part otherwise it takes too much concentration for me to work the heel.

I enjoyed seeing your crocheted edge baby blanket. I have the supplies to try this but have not started yet. Would you mind sharing what internet resources you found helpful?

Denise said...

The last time I was a waiting room I was working on blanket stiching wool applique, that was easy and small enough for to carry around.

I love reading Jennifer Chiaverini's books I slowly been acquiring them from used book stores.

Pen Pen said...

I miss you and hope all is well. I think making yo yo's would be easy to do in a waiting room. Reading is my main thing to do... I usually grab something on my way out to door that I have been wanting to read, instead of wasting time reading the magazines in waiting rooms. I have also learned to take books to the hair dresser... I get tired of reading about the celeb's and movie stars in all their magazines. :o)

Granny J said...

I have a tote bag with different small bits of yarn in it. I always take it with me to appointements and work on making granny squares. I also keep a book in the tote bag. That way I can do either that I'm in the mood to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I always take a tea towel or small stitching project. I love the quilt novels too.
Have a wonderful and fun week end.

Joyful said...

I usually end up reading as I find it difficult to fiddle with needles, cloth, string or yarn when I am called in to see the doctor/dentist, etc. Far easier to put the bookmark on the correct page, close the book and rise, lol. It is always good to find something useful to do with "found" time. Hope you hit on the right project for yourself.

Chars said...

Crocheting something small like a dishcloth or a bookmark or squares for a blanket are an easy on the go project, and will fit easily into the handbag for on the go crafting :)

Deanna said...

It has been suggested many times, but I also crochet. Hats. Scarves. Potholders. Even baby afghans. Fairly mindless (that puts cross stitch out for me) and fairly small (that's why handquilting is usually out, too). I have stitched several quilt bindings in waiting situations, but only fairly small quilts.

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