Monday, October 25, 2010

The Memory Plant

More than 15 summers ago I was given an Aloe plant by a now deceased friend. I remember taking one look at it and deciding it wouldn't be much good. But, I sat it on my covered front porch and forgot it. I'm not even sure if I ever watered it.

At the end of that summer and every summer since I have had plenty of Aloe plants to share with other friends and to keep the original Aloe plant going in memory of my friend.

I counted the pots of new plants and including the ones not shown here and there are over 20! Today my hubby will be taking five pots to his coworkers and I will be taking three to my office.

I hope that when I am gone the quilts I have made will help my memory to live on, just as the Aloe plant given to me by my friend helps me to always remember her and her generosity.


Granny J said...

Aloe plants are very hardy and have lots of uses. I had one I used to keep on the kitchen windowsill. Any time I would burn myself while cooking I'd grab a piece of the plant and rub the juice on the burn. It would heal right away with no scar.

Your quilts will definitely be memory makers. They're beautiful and made with love.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh I feel the same way about my quilts. It is neat to be able to leave a legacy.
I love your photo - looks like a very nice, relaxing place to be!
Lisa :o)

Denise said...

I too feel the same way with each quilt I make, I hope that each stitch is strong enough to last for generations and when someone reads the label they will remember who it was made for and why. I also wonder where they will end up, like the Frolic quilt will soon be in your neck of the woods, where will it go from there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I will always treasure the things you have made me. I think of you every time I use my clothes pen bag. :)
Have a wonderful week. It so good to have you back. How is mama?

Rita said...

I feel the same as Elizabeth. The cheerful clothes pin bag with red apples reminds me of my friend in the Carolinas that I'd like to visit with some day. I too, have wondered how your mother is doing.

Anonymous said...

Neat post. I am sure that your quilts, other sewing projects as well as these aloe plants shared today will make great memories for your friends and family.


Alexandra said...

I love this post. I remember you mentioning your co-worker's passing and that she used to call you "Debbie-cakes". :)

Where did you get that wonderful round wooden table! It's like a picnic table only round.

I use a lot of aloe, only I purchased it in a bottle. I should get the plant. We have low light in our house, so most plants are difficult to keep healthy.

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