Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Summer Sandwich... Quilt Sandwich that is.

I took advantage of the long Labor Day Weekend to make the Summer of 2010 nine patch challenge quilt sandwich. This is really a lot of work! Friday night I began the process by deciding where I was going to spread out the quilt for basting. I decided to use the sewing room floor so that the quilt wouldn't be in the way of everybody's comings and goings all weekend. I took down the ironing board, pushed everything to the walls and cleaned the floor very well.

The backing fabric and the quilt top must be ironed very well. Then there is lots of crawling around on the floor taping down the backing, spreading out the quilt top and pin basting the whole thing.

So now I am ready to start machine quilting on this one this coming weekend.


Granny J said...

That's gonna be so pretty. I love all the colors.

Denise said...

I just love the way this one turned out, it's amazing how a simple pattern and scrap material all put together with love can look so beautiful!

Is the back white, can't seem to remember what you were doing for the backing.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!! My knees ache just thinking about this. Reminds me of all those times I have cut out garments on the cutting board which was spread out on the floor.

The summer nine patch is unique.
It will be even prettier when you have completed the quilting. You just amaze me.


Sibyl said...

Debbie your quilt looks so nice. I sandwich my quilt on a table. Save my knees. What I do is have one of those 6ft x 30 inch tables. I will put my back on the table first, have it centered there. (I tape a toothpick in the center of the table, so I will know where the middle is for when I put the backing on. Then I put the batting then my top. I use large binder clips to attach it all to my table. I will then pin it with safety pins then when it is finished there on the table, I take the binder clips off, then move it from side to side til it is all finished. I usually use a rolly chair to go around the table. That way it saves my knees and back. Just an idea. I know we aren't getting any younger.


Florrie said...

I salute your ability to crawl around the floor.......I don't think my poor knees and back would stand up to the strain.....but the finished quilt is truly stunning and worth your poor aching knees, I'm sure.....such dedication.....I'm in awe.
florrie x

Debbie J said...

Sibyl, I will definitely try the method you describe next time. My way nearly wore me out and my floors are hard on top of that! I already have the table.


I don't think my back and knees can do it again either! :o)

Debbie J.

Pen Pen said...

Like Florrie, I too salute your ability to crawl around on the floor. I remember when I could do that too. I am in awe of this quilt and I want one!!! You are "almost" inspiring me to try one just like it!

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