Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reading and Quilting

I am being a little brave in showing this close up of the back of the quilt I am hand quilting. Its not perfect, but I am putting a lot of love into these stitches. I keep thinking of my grandmother while I am stitching and how she kept her family warm with quilts. I remember playing hide and seek behind a stack of folded quilts that was a least 3 or 4 feet high. It must have been summer time and the quilts were being stored until winter time for keeping bodies warm in unheated bedrooms.

This quilt top was meant to be a utility quilt. She made it from fabrics she had such as feed sacks. The Baptist Fans (aka Methodist Fans) quilting design is an old fashioned quilting design used especially on utility quilts. It got its name because it was an easy quilting design for church ladies to use for their quilting bees for making fundraiser quilts.

This is the inspirational book I am reading this week. I like Emilie Barnes very much and in this book she has taken her 15 minutes a day theme even further by writing 15 minute devotions for women.

Today I read about loving God first, then your neighbor as yourself. She wrote the devotion on how many woman do not love themselves or have a good self esteem. Its ok for us to take some time for ourselves or to treat ourselves. The assignment was to take a stroll in a pretty natural place and think of how wonderfully God has made me. (Psalm 139) Since the humidity and temperature are much better today I hope to do this on my lunch break!

Another thing I learned from Emilie Barnes is that when we are raising our children, we are also enfluencing future generations. My Grandmother has enfluenced me in many ways, along with my many other relatives.


Yolanda said...

Very nice work! I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

The church lady fans are very nice.

And, the commentary on "Fifteen Minutes Alone with God" is such a wonderful reflection of your spirit. Thank you for sharing it.


Rhonda said...

Emilie Barnes is such a sweet teacher. I listened to her on the radio when we lived in CA back in the late 80s,
I also saw her in person at a ladies event in OKCity, at least 12 or more years ago. She seemed just as genuine in person as i hope she would be too.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Debbie, You and I seem to like the same authors. I have read so many of Emilie Barnes books, she has been such a mentor to me over the years.As a matter of fact I was rereading one of her books yesterday while riding to Raleigh. Girl you must get to the farmers market the weekends have lots of venders, usually busy but fun
My grandmother really influenced me so much, and I loved her quilts too. When I was very young and our family lived with her, I slept with her and the quilts were piled so high I could not turn over in bed. LOL
Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet comment

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. I love Mrs. Barnes too. I am doing a studying right now on the book of Ruth and trusting God's provisions. We still have decided about church yet. We are going to go to both for now. There are things I do love about Dave's church. I have been things about you. Is it cool there yet?

Pen Pen said...

Your quilting is very pretty. I like the thought of how we are influencing future generations... tis so true!!!

Joyful said...

That's a beautiful quilt with very good stitching :-) I also like teh devotional.

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