Monday, August 2, 2010

In the Kitchen with Debbie - First week of August, 2010

I was sure I bought the plant these came from in the sweet green bell pepper area of Lowes! After doing a little research I found that they are Scotchbonnett HOT peppers! And I mean really hot!

I am planning our meals for the week and even though our first week in August weather will be... well typical tropical August weather, I plan to make vegetable soup later in the week. I've found that this is a great way to use any small amounts of leftover vegetables and also a wonderful lunch box treat for those who have access to a microwave oven.

My emphasis in planning this week's meals are: 1. Using items in the pantry; 2. Rolling leftovers into future dishes; 3. making use of the potatoes that are still good, but need to be used.

Here are some ideas and the meals from the weekend.


Baked Beans. A delicious concoction of beans, browned ground beef, brown sugar, ketchup, BBQ sauce, maple syrup, mustard, chopped onions and sweet bell pepper. Leftovers from this are already in individual sized servings in the refrigerator for Monday's lunch box. I used leftover pinto beans from Friday night.

Potato Salad.

Sunday: Chicken Cacciatore, leftover potato salad, black eyed peas, corn

Monday: Hotdogs, oven fries

Tuesday: Hamburgers, brown rice, garden peas

Wednesday: Vegetable Soup (Will use leftover black eyed peas, corn and garden peas along with potatoes and other ingredients in the soup)

Thursday: Ham, cornbread and leftovers. If there are no leftovers, I still have plenty of side items in the pantry.

Friday: Pizza


Denise said...

Those peppers look so sweet, but you found out they are wolves in sheeps clothing! You are doing so well with your weekly menu planning, I have not but I can still keep trying.

theolde stone house said...

Hi Deb
Great job on the meal planning. I make it a game to see what I can make for dinner from what I have. Yesterday I had all these potatoes to use up so I made potato pancakes to go with ribs for dinner. Keep up the good work. Love reading your blog.


Granny J said...

I've never seen hot peppers like that. I'll bet they would be good to add just a dab in chili, soups, meatloaf etc. I keep chopped bell peppers in the freezer all the time. I like having them to add to different dishes. I love reading your menu ideas. I'm starting my menu planning this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
'Great job. I am looking forward to getting back to menu planning next week.We have been so good at using things up too.

Pen Pen said...

Have you ever made the beans with hamburger meat in the recipe? Makes a great "meal" with cheese biscuits. That's how we use a lot of our ground venison. About the peppers... we had a jalapeno plant in our peppers, that we didn't know about. I've enjoyed having it though... I've made salsa twice with our surprise peppers!

Lyn said...

Your menu sound quite delicious. Love country cooking too.

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