Monday, August 16, 2010

Around The Kitchen

Its that time of week for planning our menus. I am continuing with cooking from the pantry as much as possible. We still have potatoes, but they are dwindling!

No, I didn't make this sweet potato pie. Ms. Smith's Sweet Potato Pies were on close out at Food Lion for $1.99. I doubt I could purchase the ingredients for less than that, so this was a Sunday treat, served with vanilla ice cream. My hubby said he felt like it was time to go Christmas Shopping or something, since sweet potato pies are a Thanksgiving and Christmas time dessert.

Also on Sunday's menu was what I call Ruby's chicken. Do you remember what Ruby said on the movie, "Cold Mountain", when Ada told her the rooster was a devil? "PUT HIM IN A POT!" I made my version of chicken in a pot. I cooked a whole chicken (or as the label said, a whole bird) in the crock pot until tender. I then removed the chicken to a plate to cool. I added potatoes, carrots, onions and bell pepper to the pot, added a small amount of water to the broth that came from the chicken, covered it and cooked the veggies until tender. Then I deboned the chicken and added the meat back to the crock pot on top of the veggies. For seasonings I used salt, pepper and dried basil.

Monday: Beef and Biscuit Casserole, green beams


Oven baked porkchops, sweet potato chips, rice


Hotdogs, corn on the cob, leftover green beans

Friday Night: Veggie Tray, crackers and cheese,tortilla chips (scoops) Nacho Cheese Dip and Salsa, deli meat on sandwich thins.


Denise said...

Chicken in a Pot, sounds yummy. I have never made nor eaten a sweet potato pie, but I know I would love it. Very creative way to share your menu.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Sounds wonderful I got to planning this week too.

Granny J said...

Great post. So pretty with the pictures. I've been cooking from the pantry also. Your suggestion for weekly menu planning has helped me to plan ahead. No more walking into the kitchen and wondering what to cook for supper.

Pen Pen said...

All sounds great! I didn't see the movie, but Ruby's chicken sounds great. I hope to do a little menu planning this morning. I'm currently going through my list from the Grocery Game to see what I need to buy today. :o)

Rhonda said...

we are big fans of Mrs. Smiths cherry pies - I try to buy several when they go on sale really cheap at thanksgiving

your meals this week sound very good - I need to make my plan!

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