Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No waste With My New Waste Can

I found this neat little trash can on clearance at Walmart. I have been wanting something like it to use for a things to be put in the compost bin outside. In our Walmart there is an aisle in the back of the store with clearanced items such as towels, sheets, and other home goods. I enjoy walking through there because sometimes I run across something I really need (or just plain old want).

When I need to throw away something that's compostable, I just step on the little foot pedal and the lid goes up. Inside is a bucket with handle that lifts out so that it can easily be dumped outside in the compost bin. The lid stays closed so none of those annoying little flying critters get in. We usually dump it before any odors appear, but if not, the closed lid keeps that under wraps too.

Things I routinely compost are: egg shells, used coffee grounds, tea bags, onion, potato and tomato peelings, and anything else that comes from vegetables such as the ends of okra pods,the insides of bell peppers etc.

The little lift out bucket gets dumped here.

Our soil at the farmhouse is sandy, so hopefully I can use some of this compost this fall or next spring to amend some of the soil.


Granny J said...

I love the color of your little waste can. I save items for the compost bin too.

Denise said...

Great idea for the stuff that is going to compost. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have a compost and would like to make one, do you have trouble with critters in your open wire compost? BTW I love your sandals, one of my weaknesses.

Yolanda said...

I have a compost bucket, but it's not NEARLY as cool as yours. How nice and convenient that looks!

Pen Pen said...

Very cool... I have been thinking of doing something like that. You have sand, we have red clay... yuk!

Joyful said...

Great idea! I have a compost bin too ( a small green plastic wastebasket with a lockable cover). I don't add to it enough. I need to try and do that more often but am so used to putting things down the garburator.

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