Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In The Sewing Room

This is the Mama bag. My mother asked me to make her a purse. She wanted it to be big, with a closure at the top and with shoulder straps. It is quilted, has a quilted outer pocket, a magnetic snap closure and 4 inside pockets. The only question is, will she use it? She is sort of set in her ways and she has been using the same big black pocketbook for a long, long time. I will let you know if she actually uses it!

I like to have cloth napkins on hand and ever since we moved to the farmhouse my supply of cloth napkins has dwindled down to about four. Not sure what happened to them, unless I left them at the old house. Anyway, I made several from kitchen or food themed scraps.

Teacups, teapots and pitchers:

Chocolate covered strawberries:

China plates:

Rhonda reminded me in THIS POST that its a good idea to put a stack of cloth napkins and dish towels in a basket near the paper towels as a reminder to use them instead of the paper towels, if possible:

I'm also still working on the Summer One a Day 9 Patch Challenge. I did get behind, but not too badly. Today is the 20th of July, which means I should have 50 done. I have 39, so if I do a couple a day I will be caught up in no time.


Granny J said...

Your momma's purse is gorgeous. I hope she uses it.

Love the print for the napkins. They look so pretty in the basket. That's a great idea.

Denise said...

Love the quilted bag, is it hard to put in a magnetic snap? I haven't investigated putting one in but like to have some kind of way to close a bag, a strap w/velcro works but sometimes the velcro gets nasty in the wash. Love your napkins, I should try using some as we go through alot of paper ones. Maybe you could get caught up on the 9 patch challenge on Friday Night Sew In??
Have a great day.

Angela said...

I love the bag, and Rhonda's idea about a napkin basket is a good one!

Terri said...

Everything looks wonderful, as usual! I love the napkin idea.

Rhonda said...

pretty napkins, Debbie
isn't it funny how some good things seem to disappear
but the junk stuff seems to multiply?

Alexandra said...

Beautiful! Will you be selling any napkins in your Etsy store? I'm still using your purses. They are very durable, and I don't forget my purse anymore because it hangs on my arm.

TopazTook said...

Did you maybe use the napkins as padding in boxes that haven't yet been unpacked?

Your new ones are very pretty, and the basket next to the paper towels is a great idea.

Joyful said...

Beautiful bag and napkins. If your mama doesn't use the bag, you can send it my way, lol

Pen Pen said...

I think your napkins are so pretty... now I want to run out and buy some kitchen themed fabric to make some for me! :o) Maybe I can be frugal enough to wait for some good finds! I love your mom's bag... I'll bet she will LOVE it!

Rita said...

The chocolate covered strawberry napkins are oh so pretty. I have a basket on hand that I can use to put mine in right next to the paper towels. Your mom will look so nice carrying the bag you made her with beautiful colors in it. Good choice. Now, if she can just tear herself away from the black bag she has been carrying. I'm bad about using a bag for to long so we'll see how she does. :)

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