Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Happy June and Tuesday Morning!

It was a very nice Memorial Day Weekend in many ways. Its always good to remember those who gave their lives for our country and I am blessed that I have lost no one in any wars. My family members have served in several wars, but all survived. My brother is a Viet Nam veteran and my father is a World War II veteran, who will be 90 this year.

I spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room and already posted a few pictures on Saturday. Here are a couple more projects I worked on:

Apple fabric clothespin bag:

Baby boy scrap quilt:

I am spending a little time preparing fabrics for sewing so that any time I have a few minutes to sit down at the sewing machine, all I have to do is go sew. If I don't do this, I don't get nearly as much done. Half the battle is knowing what you are going to do next. Having the fabric combinations and any needed trim ready to go helps me to get more sewing done in the limited amount of sewing time that I have available.

I had to finally give up my really old iron which finally totally quit working. This iron was given to me my mother-in-law about 30 years ago and I'm sure she had it for about 20 years before that. So I guess 50 years is long enough for one iron to be in service.

This is a cordless iron that my sweet hubby bought me several years ago which is wonderful for quilt making. So I got it out and it is the iron I will use for all my sewing from now on. I'm not sure why I hadn't already switched over to it, since it is very convenient to use.

Hope you have a great day!


Tori said...

Looks like a wonderful iron. You're always so busy! You're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great planning for future sewing.
And, the iron should work perfectly for sewing - maybe for other purposes, as well.

Have a wonderful day.


Denise said...

I agree, having stuff cut and ready helps when you have limited time. I like the idea of a cordless iron.

Rhonda said...

nice new iron!
I remember my mom's iron back when I was in HS or so looked like your old one, she upgraded to a Rowenta a long time ago,

I did not get any sewing done but I did some paper crafts, gardening and embroidery

Alexandra said...

God bless your brother and father for their service, Debbie.

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