Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Sewing

Its been quite a while since I posted about sewing on Saturday. Actually, the pictures shown here are projects I made yesterday afternoon. I hope to sew more today, after grocery shopping, some housework and cooking.

Fabrics and trim laid out and ready to start cutting and sewing

I used the pillowcase tutorial I posted about yesterday found on the Twiddletails Blog HERE.

This method of sewing a pillowcase is amazing! The pillow case turned out professional looking with no inside raw seams showing. Its called several names such as Magical Pillowcase and Burrito Pillowcase. Also, Rhonda commented that there is a You Tube Video showing the instructions and that it was also called the Sausage Roll.

I made this camouflage pillow case with black and green trim for my son. I will be making another one just like it, so he will have a set, as soon as I replenish my stash of black fabric. Don't you hate it when you don't have enough fabric to finish a project? AARGH!

As a side note, the camo fabric came in the 60 inch wide size. The directions in the tutorial called for 44-45 inch wide fabric, so I wasn't sure how much fabric to buy. I made a command decision that one yard would be enough for one pillowcase, at least, and that I would go from there. Luckily, one yard of the 60 inch wide fabric was just enough to make two pillowcases and only cost $5.00 per yard.

I loved how this pillowcase turned out so much that I am already planning to make more as gifts. I can see that using a variety of fabrics would make some great personalized gifts for my family. Fabrics such as college themes, or whatever that person would like, could be used.

Another clothespin bag for my Etsy Shop in "groovy flowers" fabric:

I hope today to make one more clothespin bag and to make some progress on the baby boy scrap quilt that is in progress.


Rhonda said...

very nice pillowcases You picked out some nice camo, some camo is icky but I really, really like yours.

hope you get lots of sewing done and get your "fix" this weekened

Pen Pen said...

The pillowcase turned out fabulous! I, too, can just imagine all kinds of fabric combinations, making perfect gifts! Enjoy your weekend!

Mom2fur said...

Cute clothespin bag! I think of you every time I hang a wash because your bag is out there on the line. The black background has turned white in the sun, but it's still super-cute and handy.
I'm glad you like my clothespin apron. The bag and apron work well together.
Did you get enough sunshine yet to try out your clothesline?

Denise said...

The pillowcase looks great, hope you get to your sewing today. I haven't gotten to my staining yet, but I did have fun this morning (I will share in my next post).

Lyn said...

Debbie, I am glad you are able to get back to sewing. You must be having fun, good for you! Super cute things you made, by the way.

Terri said...

That pillowcase is beautiful and does look professional. Great job!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. Glad you liked my rag wreath. The best part? No measuring, LOL! (I love to sew. I don't like the prep work that you have to go to get to the machine.)

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