Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drug Store Deal Runs For The Week

Ok, the following shopping scenarios are getting kind of complicated for me to keep up with, but I'm excited to try! I won't be able to keep up this pace of going to two stores and doing two transactions at each one. However, this week there are some good deals at both places and since I'm on a roll, this is the plan:

CVS:I already have $11.00 in Extra Bucks to spend.

Transaction Number 1:


2 Colgate Total Advance Toothpaste at $2.99 each (There is a $1.00 coupon for this, but I've already used mine), EBs earned $4.00

2 Power Bars at $.99 each, EBs earned $1.98

1 CVS brand Ibuprophen at $3.99 each, EBs earned $3.00.

Total cost before EBs = $11.95. I will pay for this with the $11.00 EBs I have from last week, so I will pay $.95 out of pocket.

Total EBs earned $8.98

Transaction Number 2:

Purchase 1 BIG box of Huggies for $19.99, using a $1.50 off coupon.

Use the $8.98 EBs from the first transaction towards this. I'll pay out of pocket $9.51.

EBs earned $10.00.

So I will have $10.00 to use next time.


I have $6.00 in Register Rewards to spend.

Transaction Number 1:


1 Old Spice or Gillette Body wash for $4.49, earn $4.49 Register Rewards
1 Aussie or Herbal Essence shampoo or conditioner for $2.99, earn $2.00 Register Rewards.

Total - $7.48. Apply the $6.00 Register Rewards and spend out of pocket $1.48.

Total Register Rewards earned: $6.49

Transaction Number 2:


1 Renu Contact Lens Solution at $7.49, earn $7.49 Register Rewards

Apply the $6.49 Register Rewards from the first transaction, so I'll spend out of pocket $1.00.

Total Register Rewards for next time - $7.49.

**All of these coupon plans depend on whether or not my stores have these items in stock. My situation prevents me from going shopping until I am on my lunch break on Monday. Lots of times the best deals are gone!

***There are coupons available for lots of these items that would further sweeten these deals, but unfortunately I don't have them. I haven't been keeping up with my coupons very well, but am starting all over with organizing them.... on a very SMALL scale.


Granny J said...

I haven't been doing the CVS deals but plan to start. There are four CVS stores within five miles of where I live. There's also two Walgreens on the way to the church I work at. Thanks for the tips on using them.

Granny J said...

I just checked your items for sale on etsy. They are so pretty and the prices are very reasonable. I especailly love the baby quilt.

Pen Pen said...

I "get" it... good deals this week, for you. A lot of times, My CVS is out of stock too, by the time I get there. It does get complicated at times, but it is so much fun, playing the "game".

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Sunday paper and actually getting ready to look it over! Thanks for your list, I will check those out!


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