Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's Going On?

Out the front sewing room window: This tractor was parked for the night.

A view across the porch, steps and yard.

The view of a freshly plowed and ready to plant field, out the window above the sewing machine.

We had some glorious rain this week, much needed by the area farmers and by my flowers and plants! The land where I live now is very well drained and a bit sandy, so as soon as the last drop fell, since there was no need to wait for the soil to dry out, out came the farmers with their big tractors and other equipment. We think the crop to be planted beside and behind our home will be sweet potatoes. I can already imagine that with permission, we might be able to glean some sweet potatoes next fall after the best of the crop has been harvested and before the leftovers are plowed under. I must get my sweet potato recipes in order!

After a couple of months with no sales in the Etsy Shop, I've had a run on the inventory this week and am down to just a few items. I must get busy putting together more clothespin bags and also the small quilted bags that seem to be popular.

I was out of town yesterday at a seminar required to keep my certification for my job. Yikes! I'm so glad to have that behind me and to be able to go about my regular routine today. All of you who live in high traffic areas have my sympathy! Its just not for me.

Have a great day!


Pen Pen said...

Your house is reminding me more and more of the house we lived in years ago. I have such fond memories there. Our yard was lined with crepe myrtles too and we were surrounded by farm land. We were never lucky enough to have sweet potatoes beside us, though. Just tobacco, corn, or beans. I love your bird feeder with the hanging basket!

Anonymous said...

Neat photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I love your front porch and all the bird feeders. Living in Houston I know what you mean about traffic.:) I posted you a package this week.

Anonymous said...

Your new place is beautiful and looks peaceful as well. You surely have been blessed.
I love your blog; I touch base at least once a week and always enjoy my stay. Thanks

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