Friday, May 21, 2010

The Weekend is Almost Here!

Our thoughts on sweet potatoes in the field behind us and out the sewing room window turned out to be accurate. This is the view this morning after the farm workers "set out" the plants yesterday afternoon.

Its going to be a busy weekend! I have babysitting my grandson on the agenda for tomorrow. My yard is beckoning to me to finish some projects I have started or planned. And I REALLY want and need to be sewing.

Of course Sunday we will be going to church. I usually reserve Sunday afternoons for planning the week ahead, clipping coupons and just laying around.

Do you have weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

We do have weekend plans. On Sat. we will go to Abingdon, VA to the Barter Theater for the musical "Always...Patsy Cline".
On Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost at church, an occasion on which everyone wears RED. At the same time we honor our new members and our graduates with a covered dish dinner. It is truly like 'dinner on the grounds' except we enjoy it inside away from insects.
So, I must cook, as well!!!


Pen Pen said...

The sweet potatoes are pretty all set out in the newly plowed field. Are you spending much time rocking on the porch yet? I used to love to rock on my porch... sometimes I would take my needlework outside. I spend right much time on my back patio now, but usually I'm reading. I found some good books this week at the thrift store... One on Affluenza... have you ever seen the PBS series? Love it!

Mom2fur said...

I usually work on Saturday afternoon, but my boss's kids surprised her with a trip to Jamaica, so I'm off. I'll probably spend a lot of time sewing and crocheting. If the weather holds up, I'll do the crocheting outside.
I have a new post about a project I just made. Hope you can visit!
BTW, at first I thought that was water outside your window, like a lake!

Nanci said...

Enjoy your country home. When we first moved out here 7 years ago, we spent half of our time looking out our windows to watch the farmers plowing, fertilizing, planting and harvesting. (and we love every minute of it!!!) If someone complains about the smell of the fertilizer in the fields. I just tell them it has become one of the sweetest smells to me, because it means that there is lots of space around me.

Denise said...

I will be attending the Civil War Tribute BOM monthly get together, we talk about the next block and discuss the battle/history that goes with that month. Carol the instructor also bakes something from the time period as well. Yum Yum. My garden is still calling as is my sewing room, when I read that you "want and need to be sewing" I chuckled and didn't realize there was a difference I always "need" to sew:0) Enjoy your family and have a great weekend.

Lyn said...

After a busy week I am ready for some down time. Tomorrow God-willing I will plant the rest of my plants. I'll keep busy at home, which to me is the loveliest kind of day. Weekends I find are best for staying home and not amongst the crowds! And best of all I will do whatever I choose to do, at a nice..slow..speed which will not be dictated by anyone but myself. :)

Enjoy your time with your grandson! (Cute pic of him and his little friend in the field, how sweet.)

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