Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's Going On At The Farmhouse?

Hi everyone! Just a little post about what's going on in rural North Carolina at our farmhouse. Still no computer at home so this is being written during little minutes when time allows.

1. We love the little farmhouse! I love the hardwood floors and don't mind needing my house shoes to keep the tootsies warm a bit. When I get up in the morning the first thing I look for are my pink scuffs!

2. I am slowly filling up these shelves with items we already own. Its a challenge to use what we already own, make it look nice, and not end up with a cluttered look. But, hey... if we like it, that's all that matters, right? There are shelves on both sides of the fireplace, even though this picture doesn't show them all.

3. I still have quite a few boxes to unpack, but they are all corralled in the sewing room. All the other rooms in the house are now in good order. I have great incentive to get the remainder of the boxes in the sewing room unpacked and organized.... since I can't even get to the sewing machine until this is done. I am itching to be stitching!

4. Remember Granny's rule? You can't play until your work is done. My work is getting the house all straightened out and ... GASP!.... tax returns must be done by tomorrow at midnight! Thankfully I have been able to find the box containing what I need to get the tax returns done and have them ready to mail. I thought we were going to have to file an extension, but I put my mind and body to the task and got the work done.

5. Decorating the farmhouse will be a slow process. I'm not all that creative in that department, but I know what I like. I have hung the plates above the dining room windows. The bench my hubby bought me for my birthday sits underneath the dining room windows with my plants on it. Its such a sunny, cheerful spot!

6. I am trying to apply the principals of Elizabeth George's "A Woman After God's Own Heart" to my housekeeping. I love this book and it inspires me to work in my home. Right now I am trying to keep moving as she advises. Just 5 more minutes, just one more job on the list. It really does make a difference.

7. Today when I get home I will tackle a few boxes in the sewing room. Its such an accomplishment to have gotten to that point. We purchased a very sturdy folding table from Lowes that I will use for a work surface and to cut out my sewing projects on. I can't wait to contain my sewing to one room, instead of my usual "all over the house" style. No more cutting mat and scraps all over the kitchen table. All of my fabrics are stored in plastic totes that will fit underneath the table. the first "post-moving" project I plan is to make myself a new spring and summer pocketbook. I am in need of one badly! I am currently carrying a green canvas bag that I am very tired of!

8. Hubby and I are using "Early Autumn", which is the pink and brown quilt that was the last quilt I completed before all of this moving madness began, on our bed. So the bedroom is going to have pink and brown colors. We have an old hand painted picture of pink roses with a brown frame that will go perfectly in there. On the mantle I have placed a large bouquet of silk pink and white flowers in a ceramic vase. The vase is an off color of pink, so I intend to spray it white in the near future. Also on the mantle is a picture with the words from the Bible Verse, "Love is kind, etc." on a brown background. Also perfect with the brown and pink theme.

A picture of Early Autumn being machine quilted:

9. The farmhouse is about the same distance to my job, but takes less time due to the fact I travel on a nice wide highway as opposed to the winding country roads I traveled from my previous home. Love it!

10. Believe it or not, I do still have some things to move, so this weekend I will move the last of it, or die trying! I also intend to start dividing some plants to transplant in the farmhouse yard. I have many sentimental plants, since I lived at my old address for over 30 years. I have plants from my grandmother, mother, daughter and husband, that mean a lot to me.

11. The beautiful spring weather we have been having is begging me to get outside in the yard. There are so many things I want to do out there, but remember Granny's rule again. I must get things in order inside the house before venturing outdoors too much. Plants continue to bloom and it drives me nuts trying to identify the old fashioned plants. Now certain shrubs are blooming with delicate white flowers and I have no idea what their names are.

Be patient with me! I am a work in progress and will be back to full time blogging soon, I hope. Thanks!

Its Wednesday, so please check out Leslie's blog to see whatcha working on Wednesday posts HERE!


Deborah said...

The hardwood floors are beautiful and I love the built in bookcases.
Elizabeth George is my favorite Christian author.
I hope you really enjoy your new home!

ancient one said...

Sounds like you are coming right along with the moving and getting things placed where you want them.

Anonymous said...

Commented earlier, but must not have hit the right buttons. Your place is lovely. You are well organized and quite intentional in your efforts.

We look forward to seeing it.


Pen Pen said...

I am trying to be patient! But when you get it all done, I want pictures of every corner, inside and out!!! Love your hardwood floors!

Leslie said...

How exciting to have a clean slate to decorate! It will be a challenge but lots of fun :) I'm envious!

Good luck with the unpacking. Maybe you could "cheat" and spend a little time doing something fun in there!


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