Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Moving Update and An Herb Garden


Hello Friends! We are still moving... I never thought it would be this much work. I am extremely happy to say that after two weeks of constant packing, moving and unpacking, 99% of our stuff has been moved. However, most of the boxes have NOT been unpacked.

Storage has become a huge concern because we have down-sized not only in the size of the house, but in the amount of storage space. I have been brain storming to think of storage ideas. We also plan to have a yard sale in a couple of weeks.

I am really missing being able to sew, garden and blog! So my goal is to get everything straightened out THIS WEEKEND! I'm ready to start living in the house instead of being in a constant state of moving.

Speaking of gardening, our yard has an old small herb garden that has two herbs growing already this spring. One is Mint and the other is Sweet Cicely.

I have done all kinds of gardening, but herb gardening is a new one for me. I plan to clean out the little herb garden spot and plant other herbs in addition to the ones already growing there. The herb garden spot is convenient to the back door of the house, so I can run out and snip some herbs for cooking (if I can figure out what to do with them!:o) Maybe a Mint Julep? I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

'Tis so good to have you blogging again!! It has to be hard moving and continuing with your jobs.

I have to take a lesson from you on decluttering. That had to help a lot with the moving.

We are anxious to see the house and yard and herbs!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure moving is a huge job and especially with you working on top of that!

I live in a small house so I can relate to the storage space. I don't keep anything unless I absolutely need it. Hope you get everything organized this weekend and enjoy your new home!


Lyn said...

My favorite type of storage containers are the trash bin and donation boxes! :) Seriously! When I'm crowded with stuff I feel very overwhelmed and unable to focus. This is a great opportunity for you to evaluate what is really necessary to keep.

Your herb garden sounds great. I love using fresh herbs - you will enjoy that I'm sure.

Pen Pen said...

I want an herb garden... always have! I hope to plant a few this year too! We miss you!!!

Eileen said...

Love the new place! I keep checking the blog everyday to see if you have a new post. We're waiting here with baited breath to see how you are gonna decorate!

I also live in a very small house. I have had to be VERY creative with storage solutions!

Good luck in the new place.

Sharon@KeenInspirations said...

Hi, I found your blog at Titus 2 Keeper at Home's blog.The "Herb garden" title got my attention. I'm restarting my garden this year and can't wait to include herbs! I know you are busy as your post said you are in the middle of a move, but feel free to visit my blog when you have a minute...we have gardening in common!:o)
Have a great weekend!

Ann Flower said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O) Keep on posting.

Terri said...

I have an herb garden right outside my kitchen door and I love it. There is nothing like fresh herbs!

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