Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots of Cookbooks

I'm not sure if this is the final resting place for my cookbooks, but for now this works. The wooden crate turned on its side is sitting on a little wooden table in the room at our backdoor which we are calling the "mudroom". The cookbooks are visible from the kitchen and its convenient to grab one while cooking.

You can see my laundry drying rack folded up beside it. It sits underneath a window with cheerful country curtains. I should have taken the picture with the curtains pulled open so you could see the little pot of silk pansies that sits on the windowsill. Maybe I'll do that in another post.

I have a few more cookbooks that sit on the counter in the kitchen. You would think I'd be some kind of gourmet cook with the selection of cookbooks that I have, but I'm just a plain old country cook! My favorites are church fundraiser cookbooks and of course, gooseberry patch.


Pen Pen said...

Debbie, I have tons of cookbooks too... and tend to cook the same old stuff over and over. However, some of my favorite dishes have come from those books at one time or another. The crate turned on its side is a good idea for storing your books. Mine fill up two shelves in my laundry room... not always the handiest of places to keep them. I really like your kitchen curtains.

Anonymous said...

Love the crate for the cookbooks! You are really getting it all together.

And, I believe that you are a good cook. At least, I have enjoyed the recipes which you have shared on this site.


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