Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh the possibilities of a few humble scraps.....

I have been trying to figure out something to make from the leftover scraps of "juicy lemons" fabric I had in my stash. There wasn't enough to make a clothespin bag or another fabric grocery bag.

I came up with this small tote which is a great size for many things, especially a lunch bag. I even had just enough quilted lining fabric

This bag is in my Homemaking Dreams Etsy Shop.

I have a few more juicy lemons scraps left. I am brainstorming for even more ideas. Perhaps a .... key fob, a wallet or a tissue holder. We'll see.

The weather forecast here is for ice this weekend! Possibly no power!!!! If our power holds up, I am going to make more bags like this one from from my stash.

Hope you have a great ice-free weekend!


Mary Ann said...

I've made several bags from that same P.S. I Quilt tutorial in different sizes and combos such as yours(some pieced, some not). So easy! I love it! It's a great way to use scraps, which I have a lot of.

They're calling for ice here, too. Oh joy!!!

Leslie said...

There is SOOO much you can do with the scraps! I hate throwing fabric away!

Your little bag is very cute. It is perfect for a lunch bag or just a small, cute summer purse :)

Do you make anything small that you stuff? Sometimes I save up the really tiny scraps for that!

Have a great day :)


Yolanda said...

That is SEW cute! I love the bright color!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I honestly don't know how you get so much done! I'm envious. I finally completed an afghan yesterday I've been working on for ages.

Again ironic you posted about using up scraps because after completing the afghan I wanted to use up some scrap material leftover from making curtains. I was going to try and make tea towels with stitchery on them. Like the word simplify or something.

A good day for starting in on a new project. I have a day off from work and its snowing. :) So glad I didn't have to get out in it. Hope you keep your electricity and have a fun weekend of sewing!


Pen Pen said...

I just love the lemon fabric! What a cute lunch bag!

Mom2fur said...

Thanks so much for my birthday greeting!
I made a small bag like this, too. I sometimes use it to carry my Totes umbrella but I also use it to carry coins to the Coinstar machine. These little bags can be very useful!
And yes, I do miss Sew Crafty Friday!

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