Friday, September 11, 2009

Yard Sale Finds and Tip

These are some items my hubby and I found at yard sales last weekend.

As you can see, the NC State pocketbook and wallet still have the tags on them. The price? $1.00 for both. You may not know, but we are big NC State Fans so we were so excited to find these. The yard sale was almost over and the seller was ready to get rid of everything. She had marked everything left at the sale to $1.00, except for a few larger items.

I also love the small fabric bag with the ribbon handles, which was also $1.00.

These items totaled $2.50. I haven't decided how I will use them yet, but hope to put them together in an area, or corner of our home. I know I will need a lamp shade and have to decide what pictures to put in the frame. I am going to be looking at some of the wonderful home decorating posts on some of the blogs I read. Maybe I can post an "after" picture soon.

We also got a couple of other great items, but no time to take the pictures and post them this morning! Gotta to get ready for work!

Today is Frugal Friday at Life as Mom, so here is my frugal tip: Wait until late morning, near lunchtime, to hit a few yard sales. You will be amazed at what is left and how cheaply the seller will be willing to sell them to you, just to get rid of them. Yard sales are a lot of work and cleaning up the unsold items is a headache! You can help the seller and yourself by taking some of these items off their hands.


Mary Ann said...

My husband is so glad you are not Duke fans. That would be tragic. :-) Good job on the yard sale finds!

Pen Pen said...

Great finds! I can imagine how thrilled you were to find the NC State stuff! Yard sales and thrift stores are so addicting... but so much fun.

shopannies said...

love garage sales

alexis said...

I love yard sales too! Thanks for the tips.

Janet, said...

We've went to a few yard sales yesterday and today. I like to get to them early before everything gets picked over. My neighbor is having one tomorrow, I plan to be there very early.

Mom2fur said...

You found some cute things! There haven't been many garage sales around here this summer, for some reason. But I am due to hit the thrift store soon. Of course, I'll follow my rule: bring in a lot, bring home a little!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb. I am so jealous. Those are wonderful NC State items. Maybe I should explore yard sales. And the bag with the ribbon handle is precious.