Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small Town America

On any given day in a small town you will see or hear little things that make up daily life. You might see an unusual license plate, friends hugging, or hear a new song coming from a church's loud speaker.

Here are a few that I can remember from recent times that made me smile.

1. I parked beside a car similar in color and style to my "old lady car". The owner was coming out while I was still getting my packages together and tried to open my door thinking it was his car. He was so embarrassed, but I told him not to worry, I had done the same thing recently.

2. On my next trip to the post office, I parked beside a car and noticed a human-size stuffed ape in the back seat safely strapped in the seatbelt. I did a double-take, which I'm sure is the reaction the owner was getting up and down the streets of this small town. LOL

3. I was sitting in the drive through lane of the bank when I heard screams from the car beside me in another lane. I was taken off guard until I realized that a cute little Southern Belle was frantically swiping at a bee that had joined her inside her car.

4. I was walking to the door of Walmart which is located near a church with chimes on a loud speaker. It was 12:00 Noon and the music was "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music". This shows that even a walk through a paved parking lot at Walmart can be magical.

5. I've noticed lately that there are lots of people using motorized chairs on the street. I think this is dangerous, but evidently when there's a will, there's a way. Some of them even have bright orange reflectors on the back. Watch out for them!

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will be amazed at what you will see!


Pen Pen said...

Motorized wheelchairs on the streets? Wow, I guess those folks believe it's okay because they pay taxes too. LOL I love the small town America stories, and every now and then I'll catch a glimpse of something in our town and think of your stories. :o)

Anonymous said...

I also love the Small Town stories.

I have opened another look alike car door as mine also. I went as far as to GET IN and realized it wasn't mine after sitting in the seat! haha.

I laughed over the Southern Belle screaming. :)

I haven't noticed motorized wheelchairs around my town but I have noticed a lot of lawn mowers!


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