Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Slice of My Life

1. You can survive August in North Carolina without Air Conditioning! Our A/C wasn't working for two days, but thankfully has now been repaired. We used several fans set on "high" and had only one near disaster, when my husband tripped over a fan placed in an unusual place during the night! He didn't get hurt, but gave a new meaning to "things that go bump in the night".

2. I won't be able to finish quilting the Spiderman Quilt in time for my grandson's birthday. :o( Its ok. He will have new toys and a quilt won't be nearly as interesting to him anyway. He might be more interested in a couple of weeks. I finished quilting everything except the outside 5 inch border and making and sewing on the binding. I considered machine quilting the outside border to speed things up, but really didn't have time to do even that. So I've decided to peacefully finish it at my own pace. :o)

You can see what the border quilting design looks like if you look closely. The dark markings will be removed with a wet cloth. After the markings are removed the quilting lines won't show up too well in a picture.

3. Fall is coming and I am so happy about that! The first football games of the season are being played and the weather is supposed to be a little cooler next week. Around here that means the temperature won't reach the nineties! :o)

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