Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday - Project Plans and Ideas

Good Wednesday morning to you!

Today is Whatcha Working On Wednesday at Leslie's blog.

I have been working in the yard and also on my houseplants for about two weeks and haven't even turned the sewing machine on. Well, that is about to come to a stop! My sewing room is in need of straightening and I have these projects to work on right away:

1. House Divided Pocketbook. I've made it no secret that at my house we are N. C. State fans and normally anything to do with UNC or Duke would not even get past the door way of the house..... but my hubby's co-worker has requested a pocketbook for his mother for Mother's Day that has Carolina fabric on one side and Duke fabric on the other side. So I purchased this fabric yesterday and will be working hard to get it done by Mother's Day. I tried to buy the very least amount of fabric that I would need, so there would be none left over!!!

Besides the fact that I don't like these teams, I also don't think these two fabrics look very good together. Too many different blues. I have no idea what fabric to use for the lining. I had a fabric in mind, but its another blue! Do you think white is bad for a lining? It would show dirt, but would go with both these fabrics.

2. While at the fabric store this fabric caught my eye. I love Sunflowers and couldn't resist. The store I was in has a table full of remnants and there was only one yard of this print. I'm thinking it would make a great clothes pin bag or tote bag.

3. I also saw a stack of these crocheted dish cloths for $2.00 each. I don't know how to knit, but can crochet some. So I purchased one so that maybe I can figure out the pattern. I love the crocheted and knitted dishcloths that I have received in swaps and would love to make more for myself and as gifts.

So, what have you been working on lately?


Mary Ann said...

I made a skirt a couple of weeks ago and hope to make another this weekend. I made a diaper bag for my sister last weekend, then didn't take pictures of it...bad blogger!!!

I got a kick out of the "house divided" bag. White isn't the most practical color for a lining but does anything else match? I hate when that happens...

Heather said...

you have some cute projects you are working on! i have nothing at the moment. i'm taking a break now that my mother in law has left to go back home :)

DarcyLee said...

I'm going to be trying to make a tote from your tutorial today. I cut out the pieces last night and will be sewing today. I'll let you know how it works out. :)

Pen Pen said...

hmmmm... Duke on one side and Carolina on the other. Wonder what the story with that is? A navy lining would be pretty. (or you could always put a piece of NC State fabric inside... hee hee) I LOVE the sunflower fabric... will make a pretty bag!

Alexandra said...

How about blue and white checkered/plaid for the lining?

Alexandra said...

BTW, that is pretty funny...kind of like putting my school, U.F. Gators against the FSU Seminoles! LOL. You just don't mix those two rivals.

Anonymous said...

Well, Deb. It is better to combine these two teams than to put either of them with OUR TEAM!
GO PACK!!! But, you are doing a good job. I might just put dark blue on the inside since it might not show dirt as badly. Or, you could just express yourself with BLACK.

We are busy also. Just not sewing.


Terri said...

I love your projects, Debbie. I haven't been doing anything lately. :-(

Fruit of her hands said...

Debbie~ My husband is a very big fan of UNC (sorry) and I can't find any fabric out here (CA) Maybe when things get better money wise for us I can send you some and you could buy me some fabric..NOT the DUKE fabric, that would definatley not be allowed in the house!!!

Leslie said...

Your sunflower fabric looks very similar to kitchen towels that I once had! They were from Wal-Mart and were trimmed with the green from the stems and leaves. They were very pretty but I got rid of them when the garden stuff was replaced with my more Prim stuff!

Happy sewing...I know I haven't touched a craft in nearly two weeks! What is wrong with me? Oh, yeah, it's nice out and my yard needs plenty of TLC!

Have a great day :)


Mom2fur said...

Let me know how the dishcloths come out if you do make them! The outer border looks like what you'd find on a Granny Square.
Hey, I put a link to your blog over at the Sugarpie Farmhouse forums. They asked for favorite homemaking blogs, so there you are!

My current projects are 2 pink blouses and several altered t-shirts for the spring. My biggest project, though, is rearranging my sewing room. I painted my baskets turquoise, pink or red so they coordinate instead of being a mishmosh. So far, I have one shelf of baskets (full of my sewing stuff) that looks pretty good!

Elizabeth said...

Just a note about rooting things. If you have any willow trees near they are great for rooting anything. they have a natural rooting hormone in them. Just put whatever you want rooted into water with a piece of willow. not African violets though, they do better in soil, but you could water with the willow water.

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