Monday, April 27, 2009

My Busy Husband

What a wonderful Mid-Spring weekend we had in our neck of the woods. A tad on the hot side, with highs in the low nineties, but great weather for getting things done outside.

My hubby was busy as could be the whole weekend and here are a few of his projects:

While I was resting from one of my outdoor chores, he picked and arranged these roses from my "Don Juan" Rose Bush just for me:

Didn't he do a good job? Each rose was cut a different length so that the arrangement would be perfect.

He put quite a bit of work into this raised bed. He nailed the landscape timbers into place and hand shoveled all the topsoil from another area our property into the back of his pickup and moved it into the raised bed.

So far I have planted some vegetables and will be planting some more vegetables and flowers after work this week.

This bird feeder was a gift from my husband a couple of years ago, but this weekend he added to it by placing a hanger for hanging baskets on the side and making a little bed at the bottom. There's a tomato plant inside the cage and also a solar light.

Another picture of my roses:


Terri said...

Wow, he was busy! I love the roses. :-)

Heather said...

wow he was busy! what a sweet hubby you have :)

Pen Pen said...

What a dear! He did a great job on the Don Juan roses. :o) Your bird feeder area will be so cute with all the "accessories"... I love little areas like that in the yard. I didn't read the article on growing potatoes in a garbage can yet, but I mentioned it to an old farmer at the nursing home. He immediately told me how it would work. Good luck!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Debbie
The roses are beautiful, if you have any hints on rose growing please share. The bird house is pretty too and not to mention the raised beds. How blessed are we!!
I think you like me have got a keeper for a husband!

ancient one said...

Your roses are pretty... but mine need to stay on the bush... inside they set my sneezing off... I love the birdfeeder, plant hanger, tomato plant area. That will be so nice. All the fields around here that are not planted yet are brown. I think I noticed that yours across from your yard is too. I asked my husband what they sprayed them with and he thinks roundup... do you know?

BLUE SKY said...

Ya'll have been busy! Can't wait to see the raised bed on Mother's day.

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