Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frugal Gardening At My House

1. I posted about how I wanted to re-bloom a poinsettia that I got from my church after Christmas HERE.

Here is the first step in the process that I did about 3 weeks ago. I cut it back to about 8 inches tall and fertilized it.

Look at all the new growth already!

2. I am trying to root some rose bush cutting from instructions found HERE.

3. Recently my daughter went shopping for plants in my yard and this is what the back of her car looked like when she was leaving.

4. I want to grow some potatoes in a garbage can and grow some veggies as part of the landscape. Most of the plants in my yard are either perennials or are annuals grown from inexpensive seeds. My hubby is working on his own gardening ideas too.

Do you have frugal gardening going on at your house?


Heather said...

wow, very cool!

Pen Pen said...

Tell me how to grow potatoes in a garbage can... we may try that. I bought a book from the library about "people with dirty hands". (gardeners) I have only read the first chapter but love it already. Chapter one was about "rose rustling".... going out to old cemetaries and taking cuttings from the old antique rose bushes... the ones that thrive in any condition. It made me start thinking.... if I can find someold cemetaries and old bushes, I just may start rose rustling, myself!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Debbie, This is the coolest post, I had to laugh when you were telling about your daughter, when our daughter she comes home to visit I either have to loan her a suitcase or she will buy one to haul all that stuff of mine.
I am so inspired with how you are so talented, I wish I had this info, after Christmas I might not have lost my poinsettia.

Kathi said...

Great ideas. Thanks for visiting me Debi. You have a cute blog and I'll come back. Kathi

Tori said...

wow, that poinsettia is coming along nicely. I have never managed to keep one alive after about two days.

I'm sure all your hard work is gonna be worth it when those roses bloom.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for the rose link! I'm sure that would work for other woody plants as well.

I'm trying to root a few woody things(Japanese maple and some sort of cherry blossom tree) in a terrarium that I made from a one liter coke bottle.

Your daughter got some good shopping done! LOL. I'll need to clear out my iris as well...they multiply like crazy.

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