Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nurturing Poinsettias Beyond the Christmas Season

This Poinsettia held a prominent place on the altar at my church during the Christmas season. It has now dropped a good many leaves and after serving its purpose, it and the other even larger poinsettias, were destined for the trash. I rescued it, thinking that it would be a special plant since it once stood in the Lord's presence for several weeks.

Here is a website that gives instructions for taking care of a poinsettia after the Christmas season is over.


I may not be able to get it to bloom as beautifully as it did this past Christmas, but nonetheless, I hope to coax it along to being a beautiful potted plant with a special history.

I'm going to water it sparingly for a few weeks and then I'll remove the foil and cut it back to about 8 inches tall, just as the instructions state. Then I plan to keep it watered and fertilized until late Spring when I'll repot it. Next Fall we will see if I'm still motivated enough to make sure it gets the right number of hours of dark and light to produce blooms!


Terri said...

I had a poinsettia last almost a year once without doing anything special to it. It must of been a hearty variety. I'm going to check out this website because it would be neat to get it to last!

Dianne said...

I have a poinsettia that was left over from the Christmas of 2007 and I have kept it going for a year and a half now but I didn't give a time of rest so this past Christmas it was pretty much green except during december some new leaves sprouted red while the remainder of the leaves stayed green.

It is still growing but I think this year, I will try to prune it and hybrinate it and see if I can produce another red one for next Christmas.

Thanks for sharing how to do that!

Anonymous said...

*Please don't post :)

Hi Debbie,
I am wondering if you might have changed your feed? I just realized I had not received any of your posts on bloglines since the one about the baby goats. I just wanted to let you know and I'll write more later.

Hope you are having a nice day! Lyn

Fruit of her hands said...

Debbie~ You don't need to post this if you don't want to. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your advice for my wrinkled fabric...I plan on tackling some of it this weekend.

Pen Pen said...

I was given a poinsettia sometime before Christmas by one of my patients, who complained that she received way too many. (you should have seen the joy in her face when she gave it to me) Anyway, I never watered it until last week, as I was finally feeling guilty for neglecting it. (it was still looking pretty good at that point) I have never tried to save a poinsettia before, but thought I should try to save this one since this sweet lady gave it to me. Thanks for the info!

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