Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring in My Neck of the Woods

Spot, the bottle fed goat, enjoying some Spring flowers!

Thanks to some unseasonably warm weather and Daylight Savings Time, I have been able to get a few hours worth of work done in the yard this week.

I have found that you can use "baby steps" to get almost any job done. This is how I've been able to make some progress in the yard after work this week:

Yesterday, after stopping at the grocery store, I came home and put some lasagna in the oven. While it was baking I went outside and tackled the area underneath just one tree. I picked up two large containers of pine cones and a pile of sticks. If I can clean up the area underneath one tree every day, I will accomplish a lot without having a marathon work session.

I also cleaned up a running rose bush that had some dead wood, a fire ant hill covering the roots and a honey suckle vine growing on it. Poor thing was in dire need of some work. This rose bush came from a cutting of a beautiful pink rosebush that my grandmother had growing in her yard many years ago. It only blooms in May. I have had this rose bush for about 30 years. My plan is to root several cuttings this Spring so that I can share this gorgeous plant.

I think the way my rooting was taken is called "layering". My mother pulled a long branch of the rose down to the ground, covered it with some dirt, and laid a brick on top of it to hold it in place. When it had rooted to the ground, she cut it from the Mama plant and transplanted it in the location it is in now. My plan is to do the same thing, except to place the limb on top of a pot full of potting soil. This way all I have to do is cut the plant from its Mama and it will be easy to keep the rooting alive until it is planted. This rosebush is a very old fashioned plant and very hardy!

I can see so many of my perennials coming up! It won't be long before Spring has sprung and there will be all kinds of flowers growing. I am anxious this year to plant lots of flowers. One of my favorites is Zinnias. They are the easiest flowers I have ever grown and so beautiful. I usually purchase inexpensive Zinnia seeds at Dollar General or Walmart.

Do you have any Spring gardening plans?


Anonymous said...

What an adorable pic of the goat next to the flowers. He looks like he's almost smiling.

You're doing fantastic with your yard work and the 15-minute principle surely helps, doesn't it?

I'm not sure of all my gardening plans as things are on hold a little bit. I hope to at least grow some herbs and greens this year since they are easy. I'm a bit of a black thumb when it comes to flowers though, but I still may try just for fun.

Heather said...

spot is too cute!

ancient one said...

I know Spot the goat will not eat the daffodils, but the other little green plants near by might be in danger..;)

I picked up three big buckets of pine cones today...and I really enjoyed the time outside until my nose ran me in... allergies!!

Rhonda in OK said...

Jeff and I did clean-up in our front yard Sunday afternoon. With both of us working, it took less than an hour.

I want to plant zinnias this year too, my mom used to grow them every year and they are so nice and long-lasting.

love the picture of the goat with the jonquils, hope he does not eat them!

Terri said...

Sigh. I'm still waiting for spring here. It's been cold and rainy the past few days and more of the same is coming up. I love the pictures.

Alexandra said...

Spring is a little slow in my backyard, but I saw the Bradford Pear trees blooming in the Walmart parking lot.

Thanks for the information about the rose bushes. I never thought to try something that simple!

Pen Pen said...

The baby goat is adorable standing next to the daffodils. You should have that picture framed for your son. I am excited about working in my yard this year... my mind has been racing with ideas and I am always looking for FRUGAL garden ideas!

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