Monday, March 2, 2009

Grocery Bag Success Story

I received the sweetest comment today from Diana at The Chic Life.

She is ready to go green and made a reusable fabric grocery bag using my tutorial on the side bar.

Please click HERE to see how cute it turned out.

She also posted about how well it worked when she bought some really heavy groceries today, HERE

I love it when someone is able to use one of my tutorials!

Thanks Diana!


the pleasures of homemaking said...

I went to take a look and left her a comment - it came out great!


ancient one said...

Well Debbie, I went over to check out the bag... you are a great teacher and she is a great student! Did you get snow today? It is snowing here tonight.

Diana said...

Hey! Seriously, your tutorial was amazing! I frequently browse the web for tutorials and most seem to have errors or don't explain how to do them well but yours was so easy to follow and the photos really helped me out if I wasn't sure about a step. I'm so glad I found it and your blog! :) Thanks for the link-love. :) Diana

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