Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 To Do List Countdown - Laundry Room Cabinets

Here's a picture of what I saw when I looked out my backdoor this rainy Saturday morning. This is Spot, the bottle fed goat. Can you believe he sleeps in an Igloo dog house? He is growing so fast I'm afraid he'll get stuck in there and we'll have to call the fire department to get him out! At least he is able to get out of the rain. He is still kept in this smaller pen until we can trust him to hang out with the other goats in the big pen. He is in the process of being weaned from the bottle and eats solid goat food really well now.

Its a rainy day and I'm planning to stay home all day. My hubby took my car to town and had the oil changed and filled it up with gas. He also bought groceries and dropped off some donations at the thrift shop. He even swung by a fund raiser bbq plate sale and brought home our lunch. The food was good and I especially liked the fact that the portions were normal sized and I didn't do too badly on my eating plan. Normally I would have complained about the plates being a little skimpy, but now I realize those portions are really the correct size!

I skipped last weekend as far as any sewing or decluttering/organizing, but got right back on the wagon this morning.

I have some before and after pictures to show you of my laundry room cabinets. These cabinets are where we store things like light bulbs, extension cords, batteries, candles, the battery charger, telephone wires, cell phone accessories, trash bags, and all kinds of miscellaneous things.

I wanted to organize and declutter these things and so I bought some stackable bins and some more see-through plastic shoe boxes at the dollar store. It looks better and I think we'll be able to find what we are looking for easier and faster.



I am going to pick up a couple more stackable bins for the top shelf to replace the cardboard boxes up there, but not today!



The bins and shoe boxes can be pulled out, looked through, and returned to the cabinet.


Rhonda in OK said...

your cabinets look great!

I'm sorry you had problems with comments on my blog this week, I had the same problem with some other blogs too. Maybe it was a blogger problem and hopefully it was fixed.

Anonymous said...

Your cabinets are looking really great!


Alexandra said...

Nice! I need to do the same to some of my cabinets. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Oh, and that Friday Salmon was either half off or BOGO at Food Lion.My husband bought them Friday, so he can't remember exactly. He does much of the food shopping.

ancient one said...

Looking good.. you will have all your spring cleaning done before spring gets here...

we have one of the igloo doghouses and when the goats are small a bunch of them share it...

You rarely see any of our goats out in the rain... they all have hiding places or some shelter that they get under...

One year we had two cows that stood under a tree and when the lightening struck it killed both of them... but the goats were safe in shelters.. goats are smarter than cows...

Heather said...

very nice organizing!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, you have cabinets above your washer and dryer! They're looking good!
BTW, this is the second cute picture of a goat I've seen today. They are soooo adorable!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Debbie,
The little goat is so cute,it is so easy to get attached to them , especially those that have been bottled fed.
Great job on those cabinets, I am still looking at mine and trying to figure out when I am going to get to them! LOL
It is cold here but no snow!!!!Yeh yeh!!

Terri said...

The cabinets are looking great, Debbie. I love the picture of the goat. He is so cute!

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