Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewing Present and Future

I received a custom order in my Etsy Shop for these three bags this weekend. I think the fabrics are so bright and cheerful and I like the shoulder length straps the buyer requested.

Black with purple pansies and a purple lining.

White with red poppies and a green lining.

Blue floral with a solid blue lining.

Ever since I bought the new book by Bonnie Hunter called "SCRAPS AND SHIRTTAILS" shown HERE at the Quiltville site, I have been planning a quilt made from men's cotton shirts. This is a project way down the road, as I'm going to work on the projects I've already started that are on my 2009 Sewing To Do List. But, there's nothing that says I can't be "dreaming" about new projects is there?!!!

I plan to be on the lookout for the men's shirts at thrift stores, yard sales and from discards by the three guys at my house. I've already been spying some great shirts in their closets that I could use, if they are ever discarded.

I bought these 4 shirts at a thrift shop this weekend for 39 cents each. I have already laundered them. My plan is to go ahead and deconstruct them and store them in their own storage tote in my newly organized sewing room.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and may your sewing dreams come true!


Terri said...

They are beautiful, Debbie! I love the purple one at the top.

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

I like the second one the best...but they are all pretty. What a great job you did. That book sounds perfect for my Aunt. She is a big time quilter and seamstress. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for her. Thanks for the heads up on it.

Rynna said...

Luv the choosen bright n cheerful fabrics. They are all so bright beautiful. I like the blue one. Is it a baby blue? It would be nice if you have hand-made shoes to match with those bags.

Domestically Inclined said...

Beautiful bags! I always find someting to inspire me. thanks!

BLUE SKY said...

The red and green bag is really awesome. Especially in person - the colors just POP.

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